Accidentally dropped her wedding ring

Charlene woke up to the sound of her ringtone, she roamed her hand on the bed searching for her phone, she slowly opened her eyes when she was unable to reach the nightstand. She rolled over in the king size bed and took her phone on the nightstand, before she could pick up the call, it had ended.

She put the phone down on the bed, stretched her body and yawned lazily. “Gosh, it's Monday.” She covered her mouth with her hand when she yawned while looking around the room. She climbed down the bed and wore her flip flop slippers. She had spent two nights in the mansion, ever since he left she hadn't heard from him. 

Charlene doffed her clothes and went to the bathroom naked, she stepped under the shower and pressed a button on the wall. The cold water fell freely down to her body, she allowed the water to soothe her skin while relaxing to the coldness of it. 

In a few minutes she was done with everyth

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