Ex-wife's motives

“How's Miguel? I couldn't check on him because Henrietta won't let me in. Is he okay?” Charlene asked, changing into her nightdress, then walked up to the bed.

Sitting up on the bed with his laptop next to him, he was working on it in total concentration. “He's getting better.” He answered her without looking up.

Charlene climbed up from the bed and moved close to him, peeking into what he was doing. “Have you heard from Ariel? The maid told me she didn't come here today.”

“I got a call from her, she won't be coming to the mansion for a while.” He answered calmly, not looking away from the laptop.

Charlene looked at him sharply. “Did you fire her?”


“So, what happened to her?”

He stopped his finger halfway close to the keyboard. He closed his eyes briefly and sighed softly. “She just needs a break. And please, Charlene, enough questions. I have to work this out and if you keep asking questions, I won't be able to concentrate.”

She blinked slowly, making a hilarious expression. “
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