What about the contract?

Richard glanced up to know the person that stepped into his office, it was Devyn, He strides toward the chair around his desk and slumped onto it. “What brings you here?” He asked, writing something down on a note.

“It's lunchtime. I came to ask if you'll like to join me.” Devyn chirped. He tilted forward to take a look at what he was scrambling down.

Richard put down the pen and gazed at him squarely. “What?”

“Nothing. Will you join me?”

“As you can see I'm busy. Go ahead.”

The door slid open and Henrietta casually sauntered in. The bright smile on Devyn's face instantly turned sore, his brow ceased as he twitched his lips, showing dislike. “Hey. What's she doing here?” He faced Richard and whispered to him.

“Richard...” Henrietta walked up to them and stopped in front of his desk. She had a cup of coffee in her hand while she was carrying Miguel in her arm, she put the coffee on the desk and passed it over to him.

Richard didn't have the time to answer him. He lifted a brow puzzl
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