His promise to her

Shortly after the conference ended, Richard led Bryant to his office. He took a seat and Richard sat opposite him. “Would you like coffee?”

“No, thanks. How's Charlene? Is she okay? I'm planning to branch at the hospital but I have to be somewhere for something important.”

“She's getting better.”

“Losing a pregnancy must be a very big shock to her. I heard about what your mother did at the hospital, I berated her for the scene she created at the hospital and I already apologized to Kathleen on her behalf. You should make it up to Charlene, right now you're the only one that can comfort her.” Bryant said sagely.

He nodded. “What about Mr knight? After what happened to Charlene, I'm ashamed to face him. I don't know what to say to him if I see him.”

“Rowan is an easygoing person. He doesn't count it, and he promised to talk to Charlene on your behalf. What have you done about Henrietta? It's your life but you should have talked to your father when things are not working for you.” Brya
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