Book Two - Ch.# 24

“What are you doing back here?” Kieran asked. “Did you get lost?”

I took a small breath and tried to think on my words, but there wasn’t really any way around this. It was pretty obvious what I was doing.

“Your uh… Your uncle asked for a drink,” I said, holding it up a little to show him. “I was looking for the kitchen.”

“And he asked you to get it for him?”



I tapped my nails against the glass in my hand as I awkwardly stood there, unsure if I was about to get another lecture about something I was never told about. A reoccurring situation that was becoming more frustrating.

“Raven… that’s not your job. Especially not as my… guest. We have attendants to help with that which he should already know.”

“Ok… but *I* didn’t know that and you weren’t there,” I snapped back. “I was trying to be polite. In a human city, it’s not that uncommon for someone to ask this. Especially for people who are important.”

Countless times in my life had I fetched influential men drinks in ord
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Carolyn Corbett
great chapter
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Morgan Dougherty
I can’t wait for the sex scene that’s about to unfurl!!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
OMG please give me more chapters! I love that Kieran finally told her. He should start explaining her more very fast, I don't know how, but I think Allison was involved in her poisoning.And we still need to see the mysterious old lady again

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