Book Two - Ch.# 47

“Seven times?!” I gasped. “H-how…? How is this possible? And why can’t I….”

I could see the faintest traces of memories, but they were all nonsensical, just painful flashes of random images rather than providing any sort of insight. Yet the more I tried to dive deeper to look, the more it pushed back at me.

“Come on, Rheyna! Look!” Clarissa demanded, pointing at my marks. “Doesn’t this look familiar? Don’t you remember?!”

“I-I… I don’t know… I don’t think so. I just….”

“GODDAMMIT!” she yelled, a fury in her eyes that made me flinch. Though it only flashed for merely a second. Just a second before her gaze then slowly fell to the floor, a look of defeat washing over her. “…God-fucking-dammit. Why now?”

It was the first time I’d seen her look so upset. Not angry anymore, just… sadness. An emptiness as she accepted that I wasn’t able to tell her what she needed to hear. A change from her normal bratty attitude.

“Clarissa… There’s no point in wasting time if this really is all true,”
Dawn Rosewood

Thank you so much everyone for your patience whilst I've been incredibly sick these last few weeks. Seeing all the kind messages from people truly helped tremendously. I'm still not 100% back on my feet however I'm pushing through to work a little bit each day. Thanks so much for sticking with me during this time :) Will do my best to update again asap.

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Alex L.
Of course! Don’t kill yourself trying to deliver on anyone else’s timeline but your own. Even authors get a sick day.
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Dawn Rosewood
New chapter should be out tomorrow, normal late night my time in Australia. Fatigue and cough has been unshakable and I’m doing my best. Hard to write and be creative when brain is so fogged. Appreciate the patience as always.
goodnovel comment avatar
It's been a tough year for sickness. Our flu season knocked us back for months too. One flu and three-four months later still struggling. I hope you fare better than that Dawn, feel better soon.

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