03. Hidden Gallery

Men in black were leading the way towards a huge door while one of them opened. One of the men came into the office table's location where a swivel seat was facing the vast glass windows behind it. There, a big old man was sitting—satisfied with what he was seeing on his mansion's wide ground which became his men's training ground. All of these men are ready and concentrated on their workouts. Firearms were loaded and they promptly pointed them to their different targets.

One of his people leaned closer to him and whispered something. He then turned his swivel chair back to its position and asked his man, "Where is she?"

Confidence could be heard in his voice, he situated himself on his chair and put both his hands on the furniture.

"Outside sir..."

"Let her in, I can't wait to entertain such a beauty. " the old man cracked a joke and laughed so devilishly. His men quickly made their way in, together with her. Three guys were handing a huge suitcase, and he knew what was inside it already.

"Good day, sir. Did I make you wait for too long?" She smiled at him after placing each suitcase that she had brought.

"Are these the items?" The old guy asked grinning evilly as an elegant suitcase was placed on his wooden furniture. His face is making anyone shiver because of creepiness. The huge beard on his chin, which was colored gray, makes you think that he's too old to be successful to live on this precious planet. Golden rings were on his fingers, and his wrists and neck were circled with gold jewelry too. He had a golden tooth right near his left fang. Everything that he wears is made of gold, he's indeed full of wealth.

"I've made sure that I haven't left any traces, boss. I have aimed at it ahead and successfully seized all the items. I am very confident that I've satisfied you with these." Confidence could be felt in each phrase she was saying, from how she stood in front of him, and how she looked at him fiercely-he's admitting it, he's starting to feel uncomfortable.

"You've done a very good job, kid. I am very sure that this is an exchange. A payment, right my lovely lady?" A grin could not be erased from his face. He chuckled and told his men to bring out the payment that he prepared ahead.

"Ah, you never failed me." He leaned on his swiveling chair and let go of a smile.

"I never disappoint my boss, because it is my damn duty to please you, sir." Upon hearing the voice of the young woman, the old guy grinned and he was deeply happy and amazed thinking that he had fooled someone again.

"The cash is inside, You did a delightful assignment. Now I'm paying you more than what you deserve." Two huge suitcases were brought inside, and the men gave them to her. She unlocked it to survey it and was pleased by what she saw. She nodded her head to the boss and bid her goodbye.

Everything that happened inside that office will remain unknown. Because whoever attempts to divulge it to anyone, there would be no luck for that person but to wither mercilessly.

The next morning, the beauty of the sun's light arrays on down the school's gate. Staring outside the window with boredom, she sighs for the last time.

"Hey, Esme, I thought you're done with our school requirements? What's this?" A blonde girl with a cheerleading outfit approached her. Annoyance could be heard by hearing her voice. The young lady crossed her arms and faced her classmate who seemed confused.

"Renesmee, are you even listening to me? Today is the deadline." She looks so pissed. However, her classmate was simply gazing at her, cooly.

"Why are you reaching for me? That project is by group, it's not individual. You do your part and we will do our role as well, you are not good enough to be a leader because you're depending on your members. That's unthinkable." Renesmee stated, which embarrassed the cheerleader, her smirks that annoyed everyone were plastered on her face.

"I'm telling you, girl. You will regret this!" The cheerleader shouted and walked away. Leaving Renesmee Fuentes with a wide grin on her face. She likes it when someone starts to loathe her. She doesn't heed anyhow, all she has in mind is to have fun and startle everybody with her annoying smirks and playful laughs.

She has nothing else to do, she never finds it fun and cool to study hard. She wants to do it in an easy way.

She stood up and decided to skip classes. Renesmee Fuentes doesn't mind school, because for her it's making everything difficult. But on the brighter side, she is starting to enjoy each lesson. Maybe someday, her perspective would change, and graduate with high grades. That's not impossible after all.

She got out of their lesson and while stepping on the pathway, some learners tended to avoid her. Renesmee was known for being a rebel on the school campus. Students don't want to mess with her.

Like what she used to do, she went near the old science building and climbed up on a huge hedge. It's where she stays every time the patrollers are seeking her presence. Her little ways and actions inside the academy were always against the rules and regulations of the school. The supreme administrators gave her a warning for constantly fleeing every time they gave her discipline.

Behind the Castrill Academy's wall, there was this old huge gallery that was abandoned. The people from the island thought that this was ruined back then when the war between Cassinfield and Kaust struck. It impacts everybody, particularly her.

Recalling the experiences way back, it could be considered as someone's terrifying nightmares which people wish to bypass. The emptied museum has now been forgotten. It was coated by broad woodlands which caused the showroom to be secretly hidden away from everyone's sight.

The museum was known as a vast and reliable building way back then. Tons of entertainment was being prepared that were related to arts, and the owner gave rise to opportunities for households to join in and enjoy their best place, to explore more of it.

But in an instant, it was destroyed and disregarded. Fortunately, Fuentes discovered the vacant gallery once more. As time took off, she always put up with a visit and appreciated the view of items that were wrecked by the war. She adored the picture broadly; she cherished the elegant aspects of diamonds, golds, and silvers. Those valuable jewelry and ancient items which cost a lot of money were her stuff.

She is more obsessed with delicate items, she has this happy feeling when she is adoring the old scarred paintings on the wall. There are a lot of memories in this old museum-no matter how badly she wants to forget them, there is no use.

She took out an apple and had a bite while watching the other students, walking along the pathways. To be honest, she is starting to like her disguise as a beginner. It made her feel nice doing what students do, it's making her life way more thrilling than how it is.

Later on, a grin was set on her edges when she saw a familiar figure of a guy. It was the gentleman who handed her an umbrella when a heavy downpour abruptly fell from the atmosphere. It was the day when she was excluded by her classmates when they had their class training.

At that particular moment, she was stunned and surprised as his gaze met hers. It is normal in such a circumstance, but she could not help but feel captivated. That bothers her for nearly a week, she might not want to confess it but she is having an infatuation with that man. The warmth that rises from within pushes her to be more motivated.

"You're making me fall for you, dude." She whispers and bit her lower lip.

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