Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

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MOST times the Beast doesn't have to be a guy that turns out to be a charming prince. Sometimes the beast could be that person you least expect. A member of your family or that friend you thought could never bite. When Amber's dad gets murdered, she falls into a coma. She wakes up and all fingers point to her as the whole world thinks she is responsible. But then someone is set to kill her. Who could that be? Was her fathers death all just a mere coincidence or is someone behind it? Find out the Beast in this breathtaking novel as Amber unravels the mystery behind her existence.

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Yolanda Soto
I like the story .... good job.
2024-01-11 23:42:28
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The book is good
2023-12-18 14:18:48
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Jasvinder kaur
Please update the next chapter
2021-09-27 02:28:42
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Arlene Babilonia
I love the story! its worth buying coins...
2022-01-10 22:56:43
34 Chapters
 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST *** Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, not everyone has your best interest at heart.... *** MAY 9TH, 2007 AMBER * The morning sun pierced my face from the curtains and I groaned turning to the other side. I sat upright and scratched my head. it was such a long night at the bar and I'm having a hangover. it's even worse than a migraine.   My eyes had dark circles around them. I quickly picked up the bottle of aspirin on my desk and gulped it down with a bottle of water I found on my desk too.  I picked up my laptop and searched the news for headlines.  *Myer's daughter Frolicking with a group of gangsters* I scrolled through the comments and my eyes caught one. 
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ** "Happy birthday sweetest" dad said kissing my cheeks. I woke up to embrace the familiar scent that filled the house.  "Morning dad and thanks" "I made you a cake since you said you don't want to celebrate"  I shrugged "fine. what's the worst that could happen"  he brought the cake and it was half burnt.  "You forgot to check the timer on the oven didn't you?" I grinned causing us both to laugh.  I took a slice of cake and placed it in my mouth.  "hmm yummy. dad's such a great baker" I said munching on the burnt cake. it wasn't that good but for the fact that he made it just for me and with good intentions then It's the best cake I've ever tasted.  "don't eat that or you'll have your stomach to deal with later" he said
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𝕭EAUTY AND THE 𝕭EAST***I walked into the house feeling tired, confused and most importantly very's been a long day and heaven knows that I didn't sign up for any of this.I just need to eat and rest for a very long time."You're back home early" my mother asked stopping me in my tracks"Aren't you supposed to be busy?""I'm done for today mom" I tell her but she scoffs"how on earth did I give birth to a useless child like you. I gave you one simple task and you can't do it""Mom it's not easy. I've been trying. that girl is broken and she needs a lot of fixing and I don't think I'm the right guy for that" I replied earning me a slap across the face. I held onto my cheeks as I stared at her. did my mother just slap me?"She needs fixing and you can't fix her up. I will not let you destroy my plans to get a better life. you will make sure to follow her everywhere until she gives in to marry you" she
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST***"Trust no one. she's not what she appears to be"***."What's wrong?""Nothing" I said with a smile "Nothing at all"I replied still looking at the paper.Chad stared at me obviously feeling confused about everything."I need to go" I tell him standing up from my seat.He stood up too."What's in that paper?""Nothing"he scoffs "nothing? then why did you act so off immediately you read that thing?"he asked pointing at the paper in my hand."It's personal so yes I'm leaving"I tucked the paper inside my pockets as I outside to where my bike was parked.I took a quick look at the environmental to see if Maybe I can catch a glimpse of him but I didn''s like he just disappeared into thin air and what does he mean by Trust no one?gosh I'm so confused.He is perhaps talking about Tasha and Denisha?And if he is
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST***TASHA*She gave me a scornful look before she walked out on us.she's really lucky that I wasn't like my old self otherwise she won't live to tell the tale. I've always admired her courage but at the same time, I feel pity for her because she's going to regret it very soon.Ever since I moved here, I've always suspected that she doesn't like me. and after eavesdropping on both of their conversation the other day, my suspicion was confirmed.she's smart unlike the other kid who was so dramatic and wanted me to fill in the gap as his mother.Unfortunately for him, he lost his father and I had everything transferred to my name. I left him on the streets to rot and I haven't heard from him ever again. besides he was only a child so I know he'll get over his misery. poor Miguel.But later, the company began to go bankrupt and I had to do something, that's when I met Mr Myers. I realized that this was
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST***Amber*The Weekend has been a really disturbing and stupid one as everybody was busy planning for the wedding. Dad stayed at home to make sure everything runs smoothly. he's really going all out to please this woman.Tasha also went out of her way to throw a glamorous party with my dad's money.She hired new maids to run all the errands in the house and did practically nothing but going through magazines to pick out a wedding dress.For someone who's getting married for the second time, she sure seems really excited.I refused to partake in anything concerning this wedding. in fact Chad is coming over to the house. we're going out for dinner and I asked him to pick me up from home so that he would meet the groom — My father..I got a text from Chad later saying that he was outside my door so I picked up my phone and keys and headed downstairs.I met him seated on the couch a
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST   *** Weeks turned into months and I was still stuck with Chad. I haven't spoken to Dad at all and the mysterious stranger hasn't shown himself yet. I really miss Dad but I'm just too stubborn to admit it. Chad on the other hand has been acting a bit strange ever since I agreed to get married to him though we haven't fixed the date yet. He keeps late night and comes back in the morning and most times for days, when I try to talk to him about it, he shoves me off saying that he's been busy. And anytime he's home, he's always on the phone talking to someone that only the heaven knows. And when I confront him, he ends up saying that I'm too controlling and not understanding. I made up my mind not to stalk him or anything but what if he's cheating on me? what if there's someone else that he's seeing. the thought of Chad cheating on me will completely ruin me. he's the first guy that I've ever loved and I t
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ***I woke up feeling tired, and my head was aching badly.My mind instantly played back to what happened yesterday and the tears suddenly welled up in my eyes.I stood up and walked to the full length mirror while I stared at my reflection.What was I thinking when I said yes to him? he's cheating on me, not just with any random person but my step sister and he's been lying to me about it to.I broke down in tears.Daddy was right, I should never have trusted him. he was nothing but a cheat and a liar.I instantly slumped to the floor as I clasped my legs together allowing the tears to fall freely.He was just using me and I completely fell for it.what was I thinking?who told me that I was beautiful and that I could compete with other girls.who told me that I was beautiful and that there's someone out there who would love me for me?Why did I ever think t
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST . *** I woke up to the sound of indistinct chattering. What's that smell? I feel like I'm about to throw up. I slowly opened my eyes but blinked severally to adjust the rays of sun passing through them. It took me a minute or two to realize that I was in a hospital. my head was throbbing badly. it felt like someone was pulling a saw through it. "Doctor she's awake" The nursed hollered at the doctor who walked up to my bed. He picked up his stethoscope and touched some of my body parts then scribbled something on the paper and handed it to the nurse. "well Amber it's a miracle you're awake. The impact of the accident did a major damage to your system that I wasn't sure if you were gonna come back alive" He said in the most quiet voice he could muster. That's when it all came rushing back to me. I remembered that night, dad and I were in his car when suddenly he slumped
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST***“YOU can't dance with the devil and wonder why you're still in hell“... Ella***AMBER***Right now I'm standing in front of the porch.Part of me is telling me to run away from everything and never come back but another part of me is telling me to face my demons.I can't believe that I'm now an orphan and that I've lost both parents.I wiped the tears that threatened to fall.After weighing all the pros and cons in my mind, I finally decided to knock. I was hesitant at first but then I took another step by opening up the door.I stepped inside the living room.the house was dark as all the lights were turned off."I knew you wouldn't resist coming to your own funeral" A voice spoke, I recognized it as Tasha's before the lights suddenly came on.She was seated on the couch as she sipped on her whisky she poured into the glass."I thought you
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