Unzip And Suck

Amy wondered who could be knocking, she was not expecting any visitor and had not made any friend in this neighborhood. She stood nevertheless and walked towards the door, when she opened it, she saw a tall woman standing by the door. 

"Amy!" The woman screamed. 

Amy furrowed her brow when she eventually recognized whom the woman was," Leola!" 

The two women hugged themselves dearly and Amy quickly let her in, Leola was Amy's roommate in the university. Through out her four years in the university, they both lived in the same room but they lost contact somehow after graduating from the university. 

"How did you get to know where I stay?" Amy asked, still mesmerizing in the happiness that she met her old friend again. 

"I didn't, I came here to apologize for what my son did, he didn't allow his friends play ball with him and I think that's selfish," she said," wait, are the three boys yours?" 

"Yes, they are," Am

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Daijie Talan
interesting story..
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Bella Jersey
He is disgusting
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Bella Jersey
He is violent men always wanting to throw somebody and choke them

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