Where Is Mum?

"Is he our dad?" Moses whispered to Elijah. 

"Don't you see that he looked like you and Elisha?" Elijah answered and Moses also confirmed. 

Could he really be our dad? Moses thought and whispered to Elisha," did you think that this big uncle is our dad?" 

"If he is, he will have taken a look at us but he just ignored us," Elisha said. 

Broderick glanced at Elijah who just called him dad and then turned back to Nell with a smile," off to work, mother." He walked away majestically. 

Amy who had been extremely tensed up ran quickly towards them, "Elijah, why would you call him dad? Huh?" She was angry at him but was trying to calm. 

Elijah saw how angry Amy look and was scared, he immediately began to cry. 

Amy calmed," Sorry dear," she went closer to him and comforted him," that man is just an uncle, he's

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Bella Jersey
Broderick I just evil to be evil
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Diana Blewudzi
like this story
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Mila Bautista
I love the story but why needed high bonus unlike other stories

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