I'll Get To See My Daddy

Five years later, Debby was seated on a mat before her small house in an unpopulated city, she was busy checking the notebooks of her son. The cool air of the quiet city blew gently across her fresh skin.

After confirming that her son had indeed finished his assignment as he had claimed, she decided to put the notebooks back inside his bag but she suddenly heard the heavy sound of a private jet approaching her.

She was scared and worried about what was going on, she immediately stood and looked behind to be sure her son was not closer.

Eventually, the jet landed a distance away from her and a man with two guards behind him began to walk towards her.

Debby was nervous, she had never seen their faces before and she couldn't but wonder why they were approaching her.

"Miss Debby Alessandro, right?" The man in the middle of the bodyguards asked with a bright smile.

"Yes, can I know why you are here?" Debby asked.

The man streched his right hand and the bodyguard by his right h
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Ashleen Songcog
me i cant understod no end at all
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Bel Ohakwe
this story just got confusing,pls clarify what happened to Amy, borderick and the 6 kids because am not understanding anything anymore
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna Bel Ohakwe
what happened to her siblings, it's sounds like the all died

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