I'll Be Blocking You

Debby freezed expecially as the cologne of the person she just collided with filled her nostrils. She raised her head up at once and received the greatest shock of her life when she realized that the person she collided with was Harry Vernon.

She almost fainted, she blinked repeatedly and rubbed her face to be sure she was seeing the right person.

"I didn't expect that you will be able to escape," Harry Vernon said casually but his face was stern and scary.

She swallowed a hard lump that had quickly formed in her throat then she suddenly thought about what he may be doing here. Did this man hurt her son?

"My son!" She exclaimed," please tell me you don't hurt him." Debby was more concerned about her son.

Henry had come here to visit Fred since Debby had said the boy is likely to be sad if she didn't show up at home. When he got here, he realized that Fred was sad indeed. He tried all his best to cheer him up but he wouldn't respond unless he sees his mom so he decided to free his
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abejide rachael
I felt for Fred
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abejide rachael
wow such an amazing story

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