Chapter 4 – A Day Full Of Surprises


It’s been a month since I found out am Miles Mate. I had imagined it to be feeling different than it does. I mean he is nice enough, but I barely see him in the daytime because he is busy with work. Except in our bedroom. Miles loves sex, wants it every night, and gets grumpy if I say no. So mostly I just give him what he wants.

I have been getting pain in my body around my chest and stomach, so I went to go see a pack doctor today. When I told how I was feeling they first gave me a strange look. But then decided to take blood tests and made me pee in a cup. First I was shocked when the pack doctor came back and told me that I am pregnant. After a fast checkup, I was told I was about a month into my pregnancy. I told the doctor to keep it a secret, so I was sure I would be the one to tell Miles. I am sure everything will change now, we will finally start our life together and create a family.

I entered the packhouse, trying to ignore the pain in my body. I was just coming from the hospital and found out I am carrying our first pup. I am excited to tell Miles the news, even though none of us expected it to happen so soon. Surely he will mark me now, so we can complete our matebond, Miles wanted to wait a bit with marking me, so we could get to know each other better. And it was not a bad idea, even though we lost all control, and mated that first night, where we found out we are fated, mates.

But here I am on my way, to tell him that I most likely am carrying his heir in my belly now. Something any Alpha wants and needs.

I am so far gone in my own thoughts and happiness, that I don’t notice the smell of my sister’s scent or the sounds as I am walking down the hall. It is first when I stand directly outside the door to Mills office I hear it. The moans and the groaning coming from inside the office. The pain in my body gets stronger and Kali is whimpering in my head.

Slowly opening the door, the sounds get louder and the smell of sex and sweat hits me. Pushing the door open completely I freeze in shock and hurt. There bent over Miles’s desk is Leah naked, moaning hard and loud while an equally naked Miles is standing behind her, pounding in and out of her while groaning from pleasure.

My gasp makes them both look up at me and I see my sister sending me an evil smile. Miles on the other hand smirks and begins pounding into Leah faster and harder.

“O God yes, I am coming Alpha.” She moans, without removing her eyes from me. I begin to turn around to run out of here but I am stopped by Miles Alpha’s command.

“Don’t you fucking leave, stand there and watch.” I can’t do anything against an Alpha command, so I just stand there frozen and in pain.

Suddenly Leah screams out in pleasure and this makes Miles growl and moan before he with one hard thrust slams into her standing still as he finds his own release.

Pulling himself from Leah he playfully slaps her ass before grabbing her face and pulling her in for a rough kiss. He then places her in his office chair before turning around and walking over to me. Reaching me, he grabs my hair forcing me to look at him.

"Did you enjoy the show, my darling Mate?" I can’t find the words to speak, but I shake my head, feeling the tears pressing in my eyes. He laughs.

“No? Well that’s just a shame, isn’t it? Did you really think that you are enough for me? Sorry to disappoint you, darling. But now you here maybe we should just tell her.” He looks behind himself at Leah who giggles.

“Please do baby.” She tells him seductively. And he smirks.

“I will make Leah my Luna and my chosen mate. She knows how to cover my needs. Unlike you, god, I had never expected my mate would have been a virgin, but it was fun, wasn’t it Laura. Still not able to find my voice I say or do nothing.

“Oh well, I Miles Midnight, Alpha of the Midnight Pack, reject you Laura Perl as my mate and Luna. Accept it anytime you want or when the pain of me fucking your sister gets too much. I don’t care.” He says looking at me with cold eyes letting go of me with his hand and his command.


With the Alpha, command lifted I can move again and run out of the packhouse into the forest. Being pregnant I am allowed to shift doing the first 2 months, so when I reach the forest I shift into my wolf, who is the same color as my hair, not caring about shredding my clothes.

‘Run Kali, get us away from here.’ Kali do just that, she runs and keeps running, further and further away from the pack.

‘I am sorry Laura. I had a feeling that something wasn’t right.’

‘It’s not your fault Kali.’

‘Titus was furious at Miles. But Miles just ignored him.’ Kali tells me.

‘I am sorry you lost Titus as well.’

And I was. Miles rejected me and in turn, also broke the bond not only for us but also for our wolves.

‘I will be fine, we never got to actually meet but only talk. So, the bond did not do strong for us yet.’

She doesn’t say more for a long time and when we come to a small river, she stops to drink some water and rest a little before keeping running.


It has been 2 days since I ran away from the Midnight Pack and Kali has kept running, only stopping a few times so we could rest and eat. For the last half-day Kali has been getting more and more tired and I know her strength must be running low. Myself, I have been trying to lend her some of my energy.  But that also means that I am just as exhausted as Kali is. Suddenly I feel my bones transform and I am so tired I pass out next to a small pond or lake.

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