Chapter 52 – Plans


I woke up feeling a bit cold, and see that Liam has already left. Usually, he always stays until I am awake, so it is unusual for me to wake up alone.

I get out of bed and go shower before I go and get dressed in a loose-fitted dress and make my way into the nursery. There on the floor are Liam and the twins, the twins jumping on him and giggling. I laugh and Liam looks over at me and smiles.

“They were awake early, so got up and went in here. I didn’t want to wake you up.” He tells me and I smile back at him. He stands up walking over to me with something in his hand. With a closer look, I see it is the bracelet Valerie made for us.

“I wanted to wait for you.” He tells me and I nod my head. We both walk over to the twins and he takes Zara and sits her on his knee so she is facing me. I take her small wrist and puts the bracelet on. A surge of a pure but powerful feeling hits the room. And Zara's eyes glow a little before they change from her normal eye color to a beautiful ice
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Selly Langemeijer
Valerie can put protection spells on Laura and the twins to stay save. Anyone with ill intentions will not be able to come close to them or Kai! A save bubble around the garden and house. Cora's family can keep an eye on Miles and warn them so they are prepared! Miles won't know what hits him!

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