16| Accepting his offer

Amaira's POV

He looked up from his computer and was about to yell when he noticed me.

"So you came" he chuckled "I was expecting you!"

You devil!

"Sorry sir, I tried to stop her but..." stated the girl next to me, trying to tell him it is not her fault so that he don't scold him. It is not her fault. No one can predict him. He can insult anyone in public.

"You are free to leave!" He added his two cents.

She walked out of the cabin with a nod, while taking a deep breath of relief.

"My mother needs to undergo an operation today!" I said this while still panting from running and taking deep breaths to fill my lungs with required oxygen. My hair is probably a mess, and my eyes are bloodshot red due to crying and all. But, at the time, I care less about my appearance.

"Hmm, so?" He asked, tenting his fingers beneath his chin and rocking back and forth on his pricey chair.

"I want the money that I gave to
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