Chapter 6: Forest

'It's just a small meeting gift... cousin.'

That's right. The average looking lady who humiliated the waiter, and was sent tumbling by Frost is none other than Alice dela Cruz, Child of Duke dela Cruz and Lady Victoria dela Cruz. Also, the one who pushed the Princess in the river that caused her death.

Frost may have looked calm but deep inside she was seething in anger. She was really trying hard to restrain herself from killing her so called cousin the moment she saw her. She feels like it's too easy for her if she would kill her this way. She would drive her into insanity first before killing her. And that goes for her mother as well. The bitch who also made the Princess's life miserable.

If anyone would dare to poison a member of the Royal Family, only that pair of mother and daughter would have the guts to do so. Yes, they're the main suspect of Frost. And she has multiple reasons to suspect them.


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