The Last Thunder

The Last Thunder

By:  ilmalaila22  Completed
Language: English
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There is other life beyond earth. Jai was pushed into the river by his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend and thought that it was the time of his death. Miraculously, Jai survived, but he woke up in strange world with twin moons. At night, a spirit popped up in Jai’s dream and told him to kill White Dragon who was murdering people in the past. Not only that, Jai suddenly received the ability to control thunder. When Miria, the beauty girl from Letush who let him stayed in her house, suddenly became ill, Jai joined a tournament in Aeronvein Kingdom to win her cure. Can he win the tournament and get the medicine for her? How can Jai survive in his new world afterwards?

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612 Chapters
001 - Unforgivable
Have you ever thought that in the endless universe, there is other life beyond Earth? Life is full of strong people with magical abilities that come from nature. Elemental users. Elemer. That's what they're called here.And that universe chooses a special person as a catalyst in the silently brewing chaos. Battle and struggle are inevitable in this white war.This is the story of Jai Waetford. A human who was chosen by that certain universe, as the last lightning element user to fulfill the role he couldn't possibly imagine.It all starts here... **Manhattan, New York. February 21, 2016.What sucked more than seeing your own partner cheat on you on your own birthday? That was what Jai currently felt. He was enraged to see his girlfriend making out with another man in public.“Megan, what the hell are you doing?!” Jay asked, his
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002 - Goofballs
Jai’s head was pounding like crazy, and he should’ve took care about that instead of running to a random scream from someone. He saw the moon sliced into two! Wait, that sounded wrong. Whatever! He heard the snowball mewled and hugged the dearie tight to his chest before hurrying his pace. Passing by the dead trees on his sides, he arrived at a path stretched to the side. The ground was different, as it was grey and looked more solid than the red dirt he had been running onto. Jai pursed his lips a bit. ‘Where to now?’ He thought. Then he heard a faint laughter from his right. It sounded distant. He ran to his right. It wasn’t long for him to arrive at the scene. He could see some men with weapons surrounding an older man on the ground with no weapon, and to the left of them was an upside-down wooden cart with some fruits and other things scattered around it. Connecting
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003 - Small Talks of Lunacy
Jai casually pulled the cart behind him. He walked with vigor, as if he did not just fight eight men trying to rob an older man. Said old man now sitting on the cart he was currently pulling, looking a bit more at ease than before. A small white kitten was on his lap, napping without a care for the world. They were walking for almost an hour now and Jai had tried making some conversations with the old man. Carefully asking who was he, how the old man currently felt, what was in the cart, or who were those guys. Those kinds of stuff. The old man introduced himself as Barun. He has a granddaughter named Miria, and they lived in a village called Letush. Letush was a small village that was located southwest of Aeronvein Kingdom. As he heard the names, Jai contemplated whether his mind was still in a woohoo or not. Letush? Did the man mean lettuce? As in lettuce the vegetable? And what was the kingdom nam
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004 - Barun and Miria’s Home
Barun navigated Jai through the gate. They passed small houses and a few barns, and then a small yard with a stone well in the middle. Jai noticed a girl was sitting by the well, her face looking downward. He couldn’t help but notice that she was frowning as they walked closer. Then the old man behind him called, “Miria!” The girl looked up and was instantly overjoyed. “Grandpa!” Miria exclaimed, running to the two of them happily. “What are you doing here, you child? And with that outfit!” Barun asked, a hint of concern slipped into his voice. “I-I was waiting for you, grandpa… I was worried…” Miria defended. She smiled apologetically to the old man. Now that the girl was only two feet from him, he could see her much better. The girl has long amber hair and she was wearing some kind of white
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005 - ‘The’ Dream
Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. Jai couldn’t believe his girlfriend broke them up just because he was poor. Yes, that means she was not worth it. She did not deserve all of those things Jai spent for her. His savings... That money he earned... Breaking up with her sooner was one thing he regretted the most in their relationship. “You’re poor.” Megan’s voice booming in the darkness realm he was currently in. The intensity of that cynical sense in her voice made him angry. He wished he wouldn’t have to see her ever again. When he came back to the city, he would make sure no Megan no Chen whatsoever can wreck his life either tomorrow, or any future events of his life. Hell, he would just fly away to Germany if he could. Another sound joined in. It was a crackle of sorts. 
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006 - Marketplace
Jai and Miria walked side by side to the market. The little Usha was between them, walking in grace like it owns the street. A few times, it brushed past Miria’s ankle as if it intended to do that. That action took Miria by surprise every time, but it did catch her attention and she took it as adorable action and was not troubled by it. Jai was grateful though; it helped save him from Miria’s attention and let him spend his time to think about his dream last night. If he remembered it right, he dreamt about blue and white fire, with the white fire dominating the blue. There were also shadows of people. One side was from what he supposed was the military, and the other side was the lower ranked people, possibly the citizen. The setting seemed like a battlefield of sorts, but it wasn’t that big to call it a war. But it did seem like one side was oppressing the other with unknown reason. He wasn’t sure what the reason wa
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007 - White Thunder
Jai should’ve asked Miria for background information before he stood up. And he probably should’ve asked Miria what she meant when she mentioned Elemers. That would probably explain to him what the hell was going on in front of him so that he wouldn’t look like an idiot. Both Usha and he were surprised when one of the bulky men stomped the ground and a lump of dirt as big as a coconut suddenly floated from the ground beside him. Jai would’ve visibly twitched for the ridiculous nonsense happened in front of him; however, thankfully, Usha saved him from the humiliation because the little kitten flinched much more visibly. A cute roar and a hiss followed afterwards. ‘How did he do that? Is he, like, Korra’s fanatic or something?’ Jai wondered. Was that what Miria meant by Ele or whatever it was?
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008 - Realization Decision
Jai gulped the iced tea in the cup, and then exhaled satisfyingly. “This tea is very sweet and refreshing.” Jai smiled. “You should try it, Usha, it might cure your anger, you know?” The little kitten on his lap yawned in response. Jai sighed. Who was he kidding, Usha probably wouldn’t let that go. The cat showed an unusual intelligence compared to normal cats. The fight with the earthbenders thugs at the market showed it all, though all the furball did was trying to wreck their clothes. Jai was worried the cat will pluck their eyeballs out, but thankfully Miria pulled Usha in time. Jai wasn’t worried about the thugs, he was worried about Miria watching the gruesome possibility of a kitten harvesting someone’s eye right from the skull. A frown app
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009 - Food for Thought
GARRR! A large crackling thunder appeared in the night sky. The purple hue it gave lighted up the dark. GARRRR! Thunder thrashed once again. This time, it wasn’t from the sky. It came from a man with long hair who was standing on top of a cliff. The man lowered his hand. He took a deep breath before raising both of his hands in front of him and put his left foot forward—as if preparing a stance. Jai could see the man raising his right hand upward, while his left hand stayed in front of him. His stance was almost similar to the alphabet letter K. Small sparks started gathering on the man’s left hand, andafter a few breaths, Jai saw the man punched his right fist forward and thick thunder shot out of his outstretched fist.The thunder was bright purple, and it shone very bright that Jai had to blink his eyes a few times before finally giving up and closed h
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010 - New Goals
When Jai reached downstairs, he thanked the gods that it was Barun. He wasted no time telling the old man what happened on his absence. “Miria passed out, she’s in her room.” Barun’s eyes widened and he immediately sprung to the stairs, Jai followed after him. The old man went inside the room, ignoring the kitten beside his granddaughter, and checked her conditions. He sighed. “What do I do...” he whispered. “What is it? What’s wrong with her?” Jai was standing beside Barun, by Miria’s feet. Barun pulled the blanket over Miria’s body before looking at him. “Let’s talk downstairs.” Jai nodded and followed him. They went to the kitchen and sat by the dining table, across from each other. Barun sat still with his for a few minutes. His fi
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