Chapter 09

Chapter 09

" Hey, are you okay? " I heard the masculine voice again.

Is that Tyler?, He sounds like that right?.

But why should he care?.

I ignored my thoughts and stood up, finding my way to the door.

I switched the lock open and my view came face to face with an unfamiliar guy.

" Hey " He called but I kept mute, studying his facial structure.

Wait, isn't that the guy who startled me?, Great, is he here to mock me again?.

" Hey, are you okay?, I'm so sorry for startling you " He said, breaking me out of my thoughts.

" Um, yeah, it's fine " I said and he nodded with a light smile.

" So, you're Tyler's cousin? " He asked and I raised my brow.

" Huh?... Oh yeah, I am " I replied nervously, itching my head and he nodded.

" So... "

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