“I can’t risk getting wrong info about this, you know that, right, Jacob?” I questioned the bounty hunter in front me.

Jacob cocked his to the side, raising his brow, “When have I ever disappointed you?”

I thought about it for a second. The number came to zero. That is exactly why I had chosen him to trace Mia.

“This is about my mate.” I replied quietly, taking the tablet from his hand to scroll through while keeping my eyes locked with his yellow ones, “I can absolutely not risk any wrong information for this case. If anything goes wrong, I am gonna have your neck on the table before I burn everything to the ground.”

Even though I trusted Jacob because not only he was smart, young, and almost as fast as me when it came to fighting and hiding his traces, it was hard for me to put Mia’s life into someone else’s hands.

“I am aware of that.” Jacob straightened, his serious gaze transfixed on me, “I already double checked everything, you don’t need to worry.”


“Come at me.” J
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