When the dust settled down, I saw Daniel standing right there, his gun in his hand and it was smoking.

Thank… you… God.

It might seem terrible that I was thanking the good Lord that someone got shot but if divine retribution came in the form of Daniel and his silver revolver, I was not going to quibble.

Before I could react, or look around to see where Alessio was, I heard from behind me in a voice I did not recognize.

“Step away from the girl, and get down on your knees.”

It wasn’t Alessio.

It was a man with yellow eyes, holding a gun directly to Seth’s temple.


“Take him back, Jacob.” Daniel said and Seth and yellow eyes moved back several steps.

Daniel came forward, gun pointed at the man on the floor who was rolling around, hands holding his thigh, blood seeping between his fingers.

I stared in horror. I wasn’t really good with blood and there seemed to be a lot of it.

“Is he still alive?” I asked in a trembling voice. The man that Seth had abused, he was still alive!

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