Kai and Caterina Epilogue


Nearly fourteen years of the Convergence, with every year being as successful as the previous one. Our packs have lived in harmony for this long, with no wars or antagonising from smaller packs; everything was peaceful. However, as I look down at the RSVP in my hand, I am not sure if it is anger or fear coursing through my veins.

After fourteen years of replying NO, the European Five have finally decided to join the Convergence.

I have been sending invitations out of courtesy and expected a negative response, but the fact that all of them responded yes has a cold sweat running down my back. I hope it is simply nerves and that, once again, my feelings aren’t right.

“What are you thinking of so intently?” The voice of Caterina cuts through the haze of my thoughts. I look up from my desk. I am almost sure that the older she gets, the more beautiful she becomes, and I find myself falling for her all over again on a daily basis.

I smile as she walks over to me, wearing a tiny blac
J. Tarr

Kira Volkov: Fated To The Enemy - release date will be announced on my SM pages. Thank you all for joining me on this wild ride with the Volkov Family and BloodCrest Pack! I hope you have enjoyed their journeys and will enjoy the new generation of Volkov wolves when their books get released in the coming months. Please don't forget to leave a review, good or bad, on the main page and hope to see you when Alpha Fenriz and Vladimir: The Lost Volkov gets released in the next two months. Thank you all x x x x

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Jeanne Niskiewicz
I'm loving this series and will aim to read all the books... They're so well written... Amazing plot too!
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Yvonne Malacara-Hill
loved reading all the books, can't wait for more
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Nickie Deshotel
Awesome stories!!!
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