75~ The boss

"Slow down! You'll trip on the fallen branches!" Jose Hernandez shouted as he ran after Amelia who was running to the villa she was staying at with her husband.

She wanted to get a phone so she could contact someone to send a search party.

Ignoring the man running after her, she ran as fast as she could with her heart racing erratically. No one would survive such a storm but she had hope. Ethan was alive somewhere. He had to be.

She didn't want to lose him. What would she tell Owen who loves his dad very much? Or his parents who only had one son if anything happened to him? She shook her head, refusing to entertain those thoughts as she added more energy into her sprint.

Amelia didn't even realize she had cut her bare feet from the branches that lay on the ground after the storm.

Finally reaching their vacation villa, she entered and rushed upstairs. Jose followed too, worried what the young lady would do in such a situation.

She grabbed Ethan's phone and looked for Josh's c

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