76~ A treat

Ethan felt relieved finally holding Amelia's body in his arms. He had never been scared of death before. But earlier, when the ocean suddenly became violent and a storm occurred, he was terrified of dying and leaving Amelia and his son behind. The fates were really crazy to give him a glimpse of happiness only to have it brutally prematurely removed.

Whilst he was paddling on the ocean before the storm, he had suddenly felt cold. It should have been a warning for him to turn back but he pushed the thoughts aside thinking, no way. The sun was high up in the sky so the probability of having a storm was close to zero.

Boy was he wrong. It was only after his partner and himself had gone further that the sky suddenly changed and a gust of wind swept through the area.

Ethan's heart rate spiked up. He could feel his kayak becoming unstable as the ocean started moving violently, following the sudden storm.

"Shit! Don't panic… if we are lucky we will just float away and get lost!" He sh

Thank for reading... only a few chapters remaining till the end.

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Lynn Jones Carrington
That was very well written. Keeps you wanting more.
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nice book well written kudos to the author

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