78~ Big family

Time is fleeting. Two years had passed by in a blink of an eye and the Carter household was celebrating their son's thirteenth birthday.

"I'm not wearing that. It's too girly and childish." Owen wrinkled his nose, looking at the blue party cone in Amelia's hands.

Amelia's eyes widened, "childish? Boy.. you’re just 13. You are a child and this is what children wear on their birthdays. Look at your friends donning the hat. They look cool." She said, pointing at her friend's children who were toddling around the place.

Rita and her husband, Christopher Stevens had come over with their six children. The twins Liam and Leon were now three years and some months old while the quadruplets, Cleo, Claire, Ella, and Emma were one year and some months old.

Evelyn and her husband, Jayden Molten also brought their 3 year old daughter Tania to the party.

Owen rolled his eyes, "seriously mom? They are like what… 3? You want me to act like these babies? I'm a grown up and should do grown up th

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