Chapter 7

Alexia's POV.

The past few days were a blur. I couldn't tell each day apart. I slept, ate, and did virtually everything in my living room. I barely even had time to take a shower for the past three days.

Now, don't judge me okay. It only happens once in a while. There are times that I just get so into the book that I was working on that I end up sitting in front of my laptop for the days. The longest I have gone is a week and yes, I didn't take a single shower all through.

The misconception most people have about this occupation is that it is easy. I mean you just have to sit down with your laptop and write fake scenarios. But that is not all writing is takes a lot to be a writer, you have to have the zeal and passion for it. You have to have a very sharp mind and vivid imagination and to a certain point, you must be talented. You need to know how to use your words, what to write to draw people to the book, you have to build emotions too. It is not just about writing fake
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