Chapter Eleven: Foodie Best friend


Reyna goes to the hotel first to get her last night payment and by the time she got to school, she had missed the first three periods her entire mind however was just on the past event.

From meeting Niko for the past three days to getting to a point of playing pretend fiancée for a playboy like him, everything had moved fast.

“Have you been able to sort out your uncle and Aunty?” Larissa asks her as she looks around the class confirming that her voice is low enough.

“Yes I did, they had left the hospital by the time I left” her eyes open wide in surprise.

“Are you serious!? They actually allowed your brother to continue receiving treatments? With how they were doing, I really thought it was going to end there today and I already even called home asking to borrow some money.”

Reyna’s heart warmed and she pulled her in for a hug. “Thank you Lisa. I don’t know what I would do if I don’t have you.” Although she was going to tell her the truth, she didn’t want to say it in
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