Epic Storming

Epic Storming

By:  Kvngdan  Ongoing
Language: English
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She lost her mother due that an unexplainable mysterious attack from her father who has powers and that caused him going to jail, although she just discovered a great reason to make sure that her father stays in prison and dies before he comes not only for her, but the world at large.

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22 Chapters
Chapter one
Temilade Adeyemo - Oval shaped face, long trimmed hair, brown eyes, pointed nose, redish lips, 5-11 in height and light in complexion.My body came back into reality when I heard loud noise's coming from down stairs.I am sure it won't be serious so I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and washed my face.I finished in the bath room tiredly and went out to find out what was going on down stairs. I climbed down the stair slowly still being very tired and I sighted my Dad beating my mom!!.I snapped out from my tiredness and quickly ran up to them trying to separate my dad because he was the one beating my mum, but my father pushed me away painfully and kept strangling my mother, I couldn't hold my tears any longer, wet watery eyes, tears began to full from my two eyes my two eyes passing my cheeks and stopping into my mouth."Papa stop, Papa please!,
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Chapter two
"What!, is all this a joke, or am I dreaming?, Wonuola slap me let me see if I am dreaming", I said with tears coming down from me eyes."Am sorry Temilade, it is the truth, am really sorry for you loss", Wonuola apologized.I didn't even say my final goodbye, all because of my Dad, I would have been here earlier but my stupid dad, just because of his food he didn't allow me say my last goodbye.I suddenly felt dizzy and fell to the ground, I couldnt hold the fact of my dizziness. I woke up and saw myself on my bed. What just happened, was it a dream, I asked my self. I stood up and slowly went down stair and saw my Dad coming out of his room, he asked, "Where are you coming from?", he asked stupidly."I..., but you saw them carry me into the room didn't you ask them?", I said."Well I didn't because I was busy in my office".What a fath
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Chapter three
I was in my house mourning my dead mother. So sad. What am I going to do now, my mother is dead and my father is in the prison.I don't have any money. I quickly run downstairs when I heard a knock at my door, "Who is that?", I asked while opening the door, I saw my friend Wonuola walking in."What brings you here?", I asked, "Since your mother is died I decided to bring some things for you", she said. "I don't need that I can take care of myself", I rejected "You better take something hunger will kill you now that you don't have a mother or father"."Please don't bring my mother into this, you can't, it hurts me when I hear her", I stopped her, "Ok, sorry I won't say that again", Wonuola drops the foods on the table and was about to leave, "Where are you going I thought you were going to stay for some time". "Sorry my mother sent
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Chapter four
My way back from the market I see my friend working towards me. I quickly avoids her so she could not give me any money and make jest of me because of how I look and also when she sees me like this she will know I got robbed. I didn't what that cause I don't want her to think I am begging. I quickly hide behind the building. What if she saw me, I really need to go home before anyone sees me so I can get me phone and go straight to the police station.I took a bike to my house I ate my breakfast, I changed the dress I wore and grabbed my phone.I trekked to the police station to report my case, I reached there and saw two police men there."Hello, what do you want little girl?", one of the policemen said with a British accent, wearing a blue coloured uniform, he was very tall and huge with bears."Please may I ask you something before I proceed did you go to London?",
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Chapter five
The description of of the work says I will start the tomorrow, after reading the description I went up to the kitchen to find if there was little food to last me till that time I would start work I found a little bit of beans. But before I could do anything else a name ringed into my head, I remembered the name of the criminal that robbed me, I dialed Imma's number and called him."Hello", I said when he answered. "Hello, please who is this?", he asked. "Oww this is Temilade Adeyemo, I can to your police station the other time", I explained over the phone. "Ohk, so why are you calling", he asked."I just remember the person's name I heard while they robbed me?", I said. "Okay, so what is it?", he asked."The name is David", I said. "Okay we will investigate it okay", he replied. "Thanks", I said and cutted the call.After the call I cook the beans for me to eat in the night for dinner
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Chapter Six
Imma's pov;I woke up and felt myself being tied up, then I felt some presence all around me, I heard some murmuring, I tried to go nearer to heard what was it."What should we do with him", one of the robbers said. "Let kill am, nobody go know", another robber said. "Yes na make we slaughter am", the first robber said."Wait, if we the guy, wetin we go do, police go began look for us, and you know what that one mean na......", he said with his abèró accent.Before I could finish hearing their conversation someone hit me from the back with a metal stick unto my head.I woke up being surprised, they should have killed me, why did they change their mind.The criminals removed the blind fold from my eyes, I could see three men wearing a mask on their faces.They also removed the cloth tied to my mouth, what do you guys want?", I said immediately aft
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Chapter Seven
Imma's pov;What have I done to receive this?, I kept on asking my self, I felt the car stopping, my heart began to beat really fast.What was going to happen to me, I don't really know what they are up to, I said to my self.Oh Lord please lead me put of this trouble, please let me not die, i don't want to die, oh Lord send an Angel to help me.Temilade's pov; I walk up to the guy to ask him if he knew where Imma was, I wasn't really sure what I was going to say or do."Hello..., Mis..., Mister, I said while stammering. "Wetin you want?", he asked in an angry tone."Well, I wanted to ask you if you have seen this guy around", I said bringing out Imma's photograph.The man looked at the picture really close and replied, "Yes, yes I have seen this man"."I quickly asked out of excitement, please where's the man?", I ask
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Chapter Eight
"So what is yours?", I asked curiously. "Mine is Simi, I am actually a trader, I was done with my work at the shop when I saw you sitting down for a while", she explained."Okay thank you ma for your kindness", I appreciated. "I am actually a policeman", I said. "Ohh really, but you said they kidnapped you, how?", she asked."Well, they where much, someone came to me in the police station earlier and reported a case, she said someone robbed her, so on my way home I saw a person that looked like a person she described, so I tried to arrest them but unfortunate for me they knock me out"."Am so sorry to hear that", she said.Temilade's pov;On my way I recognised some in a car, I looked closely and found out it was one of the thief that stole my bag.But I could not try catching him because I need to look for Imma.I reached Lagos and I started walking ar
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Chapter Nine
That must be the boss's son is really handsome. "Hello please who are you", he said interrupting me for my thoughts. "Um, I am Temilade the new house cleaner", I replied."Okay that is nice", he said and walked away. I went to the kitchen to ask my colleagues about the house because there is so much I don't know. "Hello please who can tell me a little bit about this house", I asked.Well all I can tell you is that our boss has a wife that is very hard, he has two daughters and three sons and we are also have a head cleaner, she traveled and we'll be coming back this weekend which is tomorrow she is the one that gives us work to do in the house", Aanu Blessing said."Okay thanks for the information, so which job does our boss do", I asked. "Well he is banker and a businessman", Blessing answer."Thank you very much I really appreciate it", I said to her.It was already becoming dark, I went up to my
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Chapter Ten
What I saw made me realise something when I was little, it was so clear now.Flash back;I was 9 years old, I came back from school, I was so exhausted, I came down from my school bus and rushed to my house, I opened the door and I saw my mother cooking in the kitchen then I  welcomed her and I was about to welcome my dad.I want to his room and found out that he wasn't there I went to my mother to ask why he was not im his room but she told me she had no idea where he was.I removed my uniform and wore my casual dress lunch was ready and my mother called me out to eat I went to the kitchen to collect my food then I carried it to the dinning room to eat.I was busy eating in the dinning room when I heard footsteps beside the window I stayed. I looked outside to see what it was but I saw nothing.I thought maybe it was a rat or lizard. I finish my food and ca
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