Chapter 144


“Niko, we can still find her, you don’t need to do this now,” Joe said, his hands sliding to Niko’s shoulder.

“I think it’s time already. Since this is what they want, why don’t we give it to them?” Niko started, turning to face both Joe and Lucas.

“We’ve worked for it for a long period of time. Giving it all our best, pouring all of our sweats in it till we became the number one of all companies here. Why should we back down now?” Niko added.

He shifted on his feet, taking his stance again as he opened his mouth to continue.

“I get it already, don’t go all mushy-mushy on me. Set the conference.” Joe stopped him before he walked out on them.

Lucas bowed his head before bringing it back up to look at Niko, “I’ll talk to him.” He said before walking away.

Joe liked to do everything in discreet, his life in discreet, himself also in discreet. You can never know if something is no going well with him. He was so eager to build this when Niko told him back then when they just me
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