Chapter 147

The table was arranged and they sat down for breakfast. Nicholas was sitting at the edge of the table with the newspaper in his hands while Jeremy was yawning while sipping from the mug before him. Alan was already eating his breakfast because had school. Niko and Lucas were talking about something.

Reyna walked into the room with a smile on her face but it was most especially directed at Niko who wasn't aware of her presence yet.

" Good morning everyone " she greeted before walking towards her younger brother. " hey " she said dropping a kiss on his forehead

" Good morning " he greeted her back with a smile. she left him and took a seat beside her father " Good morning dad " she said still wearing that smile.

" You must be really happy this morning for you to be this way or what's the special occasion? " Nicholas asked

" I should be happy now that everything is falling into place, I finally found my family and Niko got his inheritance too. I mean everything calls for celebration " sh
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