Chapter 163

“Thank you.” Jeremy said excited about Reyna agreeing to come see him sometimes and just then Niko made his way back to where he’d left Reyna and Jeremy.

Jeremy’s guard came in almost at the same time too to get Jeremy’s stuff. “Careful with that bag, take that first and you can come in for the other.” He told his guard who immediately heeded to the instruction.

“I also want to have a word with you, Niko.” Jeremy said as Niko was about to seat, Niko stood back up immediately.

“Oh No. Seat, please.” Jeremy said while also having his seat back too.

“I’ll leave you both, I need a shower anyway.” Reyna said, standing up and heading into the room.

“Okay.” Niko said.

“Take care dear.” Jeremy said to her because he knew he might not get the opportunity to see her before he leaves, she seemed tired and had yawned before leaving and he wouldn’t want to disturb her by asking her to wait behind.

“So, Niko. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” Jeremy started and Niko looked sur
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