Aggressive Mr CEOs wife

Aggressive Mr CEOs wife

By:  Anna  Ongoing
Language: English
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A lady on her birthday decides to go for a one night stand with a man she met at the bar where she went to celebrate her birthday. The agreement flops as she passed out. When she wakes up she meets herself in his house and get seriously angry as she meets herself naked. Later they meet again at a restaurant where the lady is working and he asks her to travel with him to Dakota. She agrees quickly. But they don't fall in love there as it takes time to settle their huge differences. Find out what happens in this amazing stowi

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The story runs with a little exhilarating comedy and rudeness in a humorous roller-coaster romance. After waking up without clothes and with a man right beside her, Anna feels a little pissed. Anna is a happy-go-lucky and high-spirited wild girl. She tries to comfort herself in bars and parties until meeting someone that could be her husband. But before becoming his wife, find out more about how they got caught up with each other's differences after seeing each other in a restaurant the next day of their first meeting. Watch out for the next chapters of Aggressive Mr. CEO's Wife. 

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Just wanna say I really enjoy the story so far <3 I can't wait to see how the story will unfold!! X) I was wondering if you have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-06-25 11:44:46
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Awesome, If this could just happen to me
2021-05-14 00:07:23
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Awesome, If this could just happen to me
2021-05-14 00:07:23
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Blaq Anna
2021-05-07 11:02:16
22 Chapters
Chapter 1
      I roll my eyes downing another cup full of alcohol. My friends won't stop talking  and guess what they are talking about? some kdrama. I hate kdrama with that stupid repetition of theirs. I shake my head and stand up. I hate my life. The stupid set of group of friends invited me to this night out for my birthday guess its over now. Nobody really cares, parents? No! siblings? no! Except Felicia. I shut her out of my life though the little girl loves me so much she still reaches out to me by calling me. I don't know who the hell give her my number but the person it did well.I ran out of home not too long like 6 months ago. We are six the family well their family. Two boys and two girls I am the second one and Felicia the last. I'm always the centre of abuse and all. Soone day I just got tired and left it was hard finding a job and all but I did. I'm a damn waiter in celebrity or classy restaurants should I call it. I fought my w
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Chapter 2
  Damn it. Fuck, she just fainted. Too much alcohol. I don't even know her. All I saw was an angry lady in the bar walking off, out the bar to the deck and even thou I have just met her at least for the past ten minute or so. I can tell she's one stubborn lady who thinks alot.  Just my type. I put her in one arm before lifting her up in my arms .Her naked thigh on my arm. I wonder why women nowadays can't wear a simple underwear- who am I kidding. This is the twenty first century. She doesn't even weigh much. I could carry her all the way to my condo if I wanted to.  Down the deck I go, out the exit I walk across the building to my limo. George opens the door and I get in. I don't bother putting her down on the seat instead I position her well on my lap and reach for the light switch just atop The rooftop and put it on. I glance back at the girl in my arms. Fuck I've never seen anything like it. No makeup and yet she looks like one of those ru
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Chapter 3
 " C'mon girl " " My name is Anna! ".  She snaps at me. " Okay Anna... " " You are being a dick "Okay I was right no lie." I accept that fact " " Where are my clothes I need to get to work. "" Dry-cleaned "" I'm being serious dude! "Okay, is this how this is going?.I don'tt answer. " I hate you just keep that in mind and when next I see you... I'm going to rip your dick off! "she says and storm out  What? How dare she! Full-stop okay maybe this owner of a girl is was and I sa no one talks to me like that. I'm supposed to go over and teach her a lesson she will never forget in our life like no one talks to me like that.I'm supposed to grab her and teach her a lesson she'll forget in her whole life. Like fucking the hell out of her, yeah she'll never forget that. She'll even come back for more. I shake my head as I go out, down the s
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Chapter 4
 " Sis! "" Yeah, I'm here "" I've been calling you! "" Oh really? " I say trying to sound surprised. " I-- "" I know you heard. You know. You were purposely ignoring my calls. " Good now she knows. I can't blame her. She's been one intelligent kid." I-- "" Mom and dad divorced last two weeks. "" What? Why? "It's not like I'm surprised or anything, it's just that they were too perfect for each other in third evil doings stuff." I don't know but I'm staying with dad and I hate it! He's always out and I'll be so lonely after school. He comes back home like eleven o'clock and in the morning I do not even get to see him at all. "" You know dad- "" I want to come live with you. "" Felicia, I -- " " I'm running away from home as soon as I can, so please sis I'm tired of everything "" I'm sorry. You can't I can even barely survive on my own. "
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Chapter 5
Oh no" He accepted. "  He smiles.  woh,  for a second there I almost had an attack. He is a bastard." Congratulations bro "" Thanks man.... So what's up "" Same. " I say slouching back in my chair spreading my legs wide open. I'm so freaking tired and my body hurts. " What's wrong? You look somehow. "" Yeah, I got beaten "" Uh? " He cocks an eyebrow " I got beaten " I repeat." By who? ". " A girl. " He chuckles." Your bed broke? Huh? " " Nope, I got beaten with a belt., My own belt. "  I emphasize.  He cocks both eyebrows this time " What the fuck happened? How- "" A girl I met at the bar. "He scoffs " Are you being serious at all? What the fuck are you saying man are you okay? " " I'm serious. She made me open the door and even made me drive her to work. Out in bracket work. She made me s
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Chapter 6
 " Look it's not like like I don't like you okay, if you're having any kind of feeling. "Huffing, I slam my fist on the wheel blaring the horn at some stupid driver. Never knew she read minds now. Everything just look stupid right now but I don't care, I drive into the stupid street " I'm being serious, you know what?! I live just down the street. Lane twenty four, how about that huh? " This time I scoff. I hate ladies so much, so fake! She rummage through her bag and pick something from it .A comb? Oh now she's going to comb up her hair now? She fling it at me. I don't flinch or look at her, she scoffs.This time something heavy hit me in my face, heavy and loaded. Fuck, I groan" For fucks sake, I'm driving! " " Yea? So what? Maybe next time you'll learn not to scoff at me and answer me? "I scoff again, this time something hard hit me on my face. Her fist. Shit.IIslow down the car and
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Chapter 7
   Cade's eyes turn red as he makes for me. I don't move he wouldn't beat a woman, would he? No I don't think so. I roll my eyes. He shoved away the chair blocking him. Oh mother Mary, he's so angry. I turn away quickly to start running. But he grabs me just in time and push me against tg wall, my back hitting it hard.  I don't make a sound. Alright he's mad and I'm the cause of it. He wraps his large palm around my neck, his hair carressing my face.  Gosh he's so tall.... Swallowing hard i watch his gaze lower down to my chest? Then back up to my face as if he's studying me. I swallow hard, scared. I'm so screwed. My heart's beating fast, I'm afraid it will burst out.  His thumb finger travel to and down my throat, his face seems to be coming close. I bat my eyes all angel like to make him rethink  Killing me if he's thinki
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Chapter 8
 " Don't touch me! " I yank myself out of his grip but he grabs me this time his grip extra strong.I can feel his body near mine. Too close, just too close" I'm sorry. I--- " " Leave me alone Cade or I'll shou-- " " It's not safe out here!, GOD " he sighs.... Like he's tired. I'm tired too!" You don't tell me! " I snap. " Please Anna. I beg you let's go home to my place and we'll sort this out " " I'm not in the mood for- " Something metal like crashes somewhere around us.Cade covers my mouth like he knows I'm going to scream and panick all about ." Now we are going to run " He grabs me by the arm and like that we begin to run. I don't look back just I'm case.   Once Cade comes in I breathe in a sigh of relief. Ugh. Next time I'll--" Anna " He calls but I turn away and pretend to look for s
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Chapter 9
  Her fingers clutching the damn short, too short towel around her chest and at the security time drawing it lower to-  Fuck. I should have knocked, how did I forget that she is a lady? Ugh.  But damn those long shaped perfect legs that'll soon be wrapped around me like... That's in the past. I have to forget that. My mind snap back to the present. She's still squeezing her legs together, clutching the towel at her breast and pulling it downwards at the same time.  " What'd you want? "  " Uh? "  " What'd you want? "  " I realised that you probably have nothing to wear to sleep so I decided to-- "  " I sleep naked " oh, thank GOD " Hmm? " I pretend not to hear    " I sleep naked "    " Oh, I like sleeping naked too. It mak-- "    " Just hand over the thing you brought "&nbs
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Chapter 10
          ~~~~~~~ Anna ~~~~~~~ Oh GOD, I'm so hungry. Ugh what am I going to eat nau. Geez my head hurts so bad. I try to roll on to my right side. I don't sleep on my left hand because it hurts so bad. I had gone into a surgery because of it. Why? I was running around  chasing after the third born in the house. I do not know how till today how I got rammee into a corner and broke the arm seriously. It was so severe... Geez It hurts sometimes like now but not much and still sometimes. I can't even touch my shoulders even if I want to so hard. There's something, I open my eyes.... Poking..... I reach out to touch it .it's Cade's arm, our bodies are like glued. What on Earth. I try to turn forcefully but his grip on me turn tight." Cade! " " Relax will you " he grunts . Oh gwash that sexy morning voice is making my body turn
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