Chapter 14



I approached the woman with clammy hands and trembling legs, there were just so many people behind her. I have never been a part of a crowd. I have never even been in a place with so many people before. My heart pounded against my ribs as if trying to fulfill a thousand beats. I deeply exhaled, releasing some of the tension that had built up in my muscles.

"Welcome to Columbia University, Evangeline. My name is Tara Wells and I'll be your guide through everything..."

I smiled politely at her. "Thank you..."

"Although your admission was kind of last-minute, you arrived just in time for the orientation week."

"Oh..." was all I could say as I didn't even know what orientation week was.

I know Nikolai must have something to do with my last-minute admission, and now I really don't know how I will ever repay everything he has done for me.

"Let's start with the campus tour"

With a smile on my face and anxiety shooting through my veins I followed Tara as she showed
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