His Betrothed

His Betrothed

By:  Taniya Ashley  Completed
Language: English
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At age 5, I met you. Understood that I was born to marry you. You were silent, you were shy. But I managed to make you be my friend. At age 13, I fell in love with you. I loved your cheeky smile. I loved the way I am the only person you rely on.At age 17, I became yours and promised myself to you. I pledged to wait for you no matter how long. You were sweet, caring, and treated me like I'm the only woman in your world. At age 18, you left. Moving to another country to meet the future that you are born to. I waited but you hardly called. At age 25, you came back for me, but you're not the man I knew. From the day I was born, I was meant to be his. It was okay. Everything was great. I loved him as we played on the playgrounds, as we watched grow up- and he loved me. Suddenly, he left with his father to go to Italy leaving me behind for seven years, he came back but he wasn't the same.From the day I was born, I was meant to be his. I was happy to be his. But he was no longer the man who I was betrothed to.

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49 Chapters
2002I looked at everyone, smiling, singing me a "Happy Birthday." I can't wait for them to finish and listen to them sing as I stare at my birthday cake with 5 candles lit on it. All I can think of is making my wish that I can't wait to wish for as I blow all those candles. It is on the 8th of September and it's my 5th birthday today. Everyone brought huge gifts that I cannot wait to open, most of them probably are stuffed toys
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Chapter 1
j e a n2014I am in the middle of my class in Biology, waiting for the
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Chapter 2
j e a n2020Years have passed ever since Matt has
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Chapter 3
j e a nMatteo's driver dropped me off in front of my home. My well-being still baffled at everything that just unfolded around me. I feel so confused as to what is happening that I almost thought that this was simply just a dream. I don't even know what is real right now. Each step I take comes with a new question on my head and now I am just at a point wherein I am desperate for answers. I rushed home
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Chapter 4
warning: sexual contentj e a nThe driver dropped me off at the airport. Matteo's men led me to the private plane, also making sure that I won't go anywhere. I sighed, as if I have an option to run.&n
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Chapter 5
j e a nWe hopped off the plane and outside of it are full of Matteo's men waiting for him patiently. One, in particular, is in front of them, probably Matteo's right-hand man. He is wearing a black suit like the rest of them, wearing shades, and earphones on their ear. He seems to be a little familiar though which is strange considering I have never been to Italy. We hardly travel a lot because I was too busy focusing on academics. Who knew all those hard work will disappear in a snap?
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Chapter 6
trigger warning: domestic violencej e a n"No, Matt! No, please," I begged as he is dragging me by my hair
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Chapter 7
j e a nI woke up and found myself lying on the floor. The back of my neck is aching a bit. I peeked into the bed and noticed that Matteo is not there. I fixed his bed and returned the pillow I used back on it. I went outside the room and went into the kitchen. I toasted some bread and spread jam over it as my breakfast. I ate silently staring at the blank walls. I have no phone to entertain myself with
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Chapter 8
warning: sexual content and sexismIt was late when I got home that day. I scurried over to the kitchen and made the quickest thing I could cook but still be good enough. After 30 minutes I was done and just in time when I heard Matteo came into the room. I quickly run into the kitchen carrying his plate and drink in my hands. I set down the plate as he was sitting on the table. I grabbed a fork and gave myself a small bite of the food. I then proceeded to the par
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Chapter 9
trigger warning: domestic violence and rapej e a nHis lips formed a s
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