They got to the meeting site, the helicopters landed on an heliport not so far from the sea.

Roberto strutted to the sea and his escorts followed him. He was three minutes earlier than the time he had given Lorenzo.

Roberto climbed up his feedermax ship and sat on a chair one of his escorts had placed on the deck.

He sat impatiently and checked his multimillion-dollar wristwatch. It was 12:04 pm.

Lorenzo was 4 minutes late.

Still trying to keep calm, he sighted almost seven cars driving to where they were.

“Bring Greta immediately.”

Roberto ordered the man that stood next to him. His escort gave him a bow and walked to where they had parked the helicopters.

Roberto looked at that direction and saw Martina causing trouble with the men he had assigned to watch her and her sister.

“What is she up to this time?” Roberto asked himself. Vincenzo lowered himself and whispered into Roberto’s ears.

“Martina said she wouldn’t stop causing troubles until they are fed. She said her
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