Chapter 27


I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move as my legs locked and kept me rooted in place.

Heat encompassed my entire body, even though the only thing I had in terms of warmth was the towel wrapped around my torso.

Lacey had begun to scold me for being naïve enough to yank open the door in nothing but a towel, knowing it was Hael’s mouthwatering scent that poured from every crevice within the door, but stopped when she saw the look on his face. It was proof that even the scarred Prince, as everyone liked to call him, wasn’t immune to the affects of the mate-bond.

Pure murder stung Hael’s eyes, darkening his face and hardening it into a masterpiece future artists would weep over. If he decided to kill me right here, my last thoughts would be of the beauty that hid the monster within, all whilst desire and a kindling of arousal twisted my insides like a red-hot blade.

I’d never felt desire for another before, never. Only the fictitious men in my novels caught my attention, especially after
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Patricia K
Update please!!!!
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Amanda Lynn
thanks for much needed update .... great story far.
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Roslyn Murray
Loving this book ... ...️

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