Chapter 83

Violet’s P.O.V.

The first was Hael’s, which I was stuck on for longer than I care to admit. His unruly hair had been tamed, slicked back to show off the shaved sides. I very much noticed how his suit matched my dress, both a deep shade of black with a slight navy hue but decided not to comment on that fact.

It was most likely to show off a united front, though that would’ve made more sense if Sylvia matched us too, which she didn’t.

Every one of my suspicious thoughts were cut short when Elijah sauntered in after Hael, his lips already pulled back in a warm grin. Ignoring the weight of Hael’s stare on my face, I raced into Elijah’s open arms and swatted at him when he went from hugging me to holding me at an arms length.

“Look at you, Violet! You look stunning.” Elijah exclaimed, eyes sparkling past his curly hair. He held out his arms, drawing my attention down to his suit. Making a show of it, he turned slowly and asked, “How’d I do? Tell me I don’t look at stupid as I feel.”

“You l
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