To Save You

She was standing in front of a full length mirror which was showing her entire body's reflection. Her beige hazel orbs got deprived of every kind of emotions and feelings. They had turned totally numb and empty ,like there was no life remained inside her, like she was a breathing dead body.

Her eyes was gazing at her own reflection and she saw nothing, except a totally broken and vulnerable girl. s

She was feeling pity on her own state. There remained nothing inside her, not even tears in her eyes to shed

Her eyes slowly trailed at her exposed neck and her heart got painfully squeezed inside her chest when she again saw those deep red teeth marks on her skin ,which made her disgusted on her own self, that how could a human be that much venomous to another human.

Her painful thoughts got halted with a knock on the door.

"Mam, your outfit for today's reception party .."

She didn't trail her eyes towards the door, even after hearing those words and continued to stare at her own
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