Love & Life

Her hastened steps continued to straddle towards that closed door as faster as possible until she didn't reach to it and as soon as she reached to that huge wooden door which was closed, Inessa without even halting for a split second , forcefully pushed that closed door with her both hands without carrying what was waiting for her inside.

The huge wooden door got opened as it wasn't locked, creating a loud cracking sound . Inessa stepped inside that door with her heavily panting breathing where as restlessness playing in her glossy gaze.

"Mira.... " Her voice got stucked inside her throat where as her whole body turned frozen. Her teary eyes got widened in extreme amount of fear and horror by watching that heart drenching scenario in front of her eyes.

Mirana was standing in front of her, with her head hung lowered. Tears were silently streaming down from her closed eyes as two men were standing both of her sides, pointing their guns at her which Inessa noticed was among of those 6
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