Chapter 4

"Where are you, Snow? Seriously." Clayton asked on the phone. 

I rolled my eyes as I walked outside Ezra's cabin. It was my second day on the island and another day of getting to know Ezra. Two days with him felt so good except Clayton kept on calling me. 

"I told you, I'm with Quinn," I was trying to lower my voice despite the annoyance I was feeling with my husband. Since yesterday, I was ignoring his calls but it seems like he'd never stop bothering me. He really was good at ruining my life. 

"Where? Exactly?" 

I squeezed my eyes closed as I massaged my forehead. I looked back at Ezra's cabin, being cautious about him not seeing me talking with someone on the phone. Luckily, it was early morning and we slept late yesterday so he could be sleeping deeply. 

"It's girls' hang out. Why do you have to know?" 

"Because I'm your husband!"

I gripped harder on the phone while it was on the side of my ear. I took a deep breath. I was supposed to forget everything here but Clayton couldn't just make it easy for me.

"Do I ask where you are exactly when you're on a trip with your friends?" I kept on looking at Ezra's cabin, not far away from where I was standing. I was massaging my wrist, wishing that Ezra wouldn't wake up while I was handling the devil.

I had never been the happiest until yesterday, the moment I met him, the time when we laughed together and shared corny jokes. I couldn't just fade that away. My heart flinched as I realized how I lied to Ezra, how he thought I was single and how I thought it would just going to be an ordinary one night stand yet we were still talking and flirting like there was hope for us. 


I flinched when Clayton's voice almost broke my eardrums. 

"I said I'm with Quinn, okay? Just taking a quick vacation. I don't interfere with your plans. Why can't you do the same?"

"Where's Quinn? I'll talk to her." 

"What?" My brows crossed. Why was it so hard to get rid of him? Just for a day, for God's sake. 

"I wanna talk to Quinn."

"You're ridiculous." I faked a laugh.

"Give the damn phone to Quinn!"

"She's sleeping!" 

"You, piece of shit!" His annoyance was trenching my heart. "You better be sure you're not doing something that could harm our marriage--"

"Why would I do that?" I gulped.

"You better be sure, Snow." He sounded like he was threatening me which sent chills to my chest. 

"Or else what?" I puffed a breath as I kick a small stone on the floor.

Someone from afar waved at me. I waved back before appreciating the sunrise and how the gloomy surrounding was slowly getting lighter with the birds peacefully flying around.

"You know how your parents would react if things got worst, Snow. You don't like that, do you?"

I caressed my forehead as my brain felt like it was going to explode. I bit my lower lip, stopping myself to exclaimed. My chest was full of eagerness against Clayton and my parents. They were the number one disaster of my life. My chest was getting heavier, remembering again how I lived with my parents' command the whole time as if I was a robot that was meant to be controlled.

"I'm with Quinn! Just taking a quick vacation. That's all!"

I ended the call before he could say another word that would annoy the hell out of me. I took a deep breath, stopping myself from throwing my phone away. I looked at Ezra's cabin, no sign of him going out as the door remained the same as I left it. I fixed my hair that had been dancing with the air before I went back inside his cabin. 

Stones got out on my chest when I saw Ezra peacefully sleeping on his bed. I carefully sat on the other side, putting my back to the headboard. I couldn't help but smile while I stare at him. He was so good looking even when sleeping. His reddish lips were slightly parted. I gently rubbed my finger on his soft lips, appreciating how he was perfectly made looking like the God of Beauty until my chest crumpled as I remembered Clayton. I sat properly and stared at the wall.

I took a deep breath as massaged my head. I stood out of the bed and then saw our clothes on the floor. I looked at the oversized t-shirt I was wearing. The hug of it felt so good to me. I turned my gaze back at him, he was topless. His pants were on the floor so I guess his bottomless as well but the comforter was covering his lower body. My chest tightened as I remembered how fantastic our sex was yesterday and how it wasn't gonna last forever cause it was only meant to end. 

I looked away, it hurts to think about that. 


My heart jumped with his baritone voice. I met his sleepy eyes with a slight smile on his face.

"What are you doing there?"

"What... Uuuh--"

"Come, lay beside me." He tapped the other side of the bed.

I slightly smiled before laying beside him. He faced me and immediately imprisoned my body with his arms. He put strands of my hair under my ear as he stared at me so deeply.

I gulped, remembering how Clayton and I shared a bed though our bed was miserable, this bed with Ezra felt so fucking great. Like I was laying in soft cotton with the man of my dream.

His arms on my waist and body felt so amazing like my nerves were actively tingling. I hugged him back before massaging his perfectly carved jaw while we still stare at each other like we were melting each of our defences.

"Our dessert was good." His warm breath travelled on my mouth as we were just an inch away from each other. Our chest was tightly together and with just a small move, our lips could meet together.

"Yeah..." I looked down at his magnetic lips. I bit my lower lip, remembering how good it left tattoos on my body.

"What about our breakfast, will it be that good?" His warm breath was seriously hypnotising me and the way his arms were hugging around my body felt so hot like a relaxing warm was massaging my nerves, plus the friction of our chest touching together was sending electricity all over my cells. 

"I don't know. Shall we test it?"

His eyes turned amused as he chuckled. "Your wish is my command." 

My eyes widened as I looked at him on top of me with just a glimpse of an eye. He was smirking and teasing me sensually. His eyes were playful yet alluring that I couldn't resist.

Everything happened so fast like a lightning. I just saw myself naked and so was he.

"Uuuhmm..." I moaned when I felt his soft tongue on my clit.

I bit my lower lip as he moved downwards just to kiss my feet, then my legs. He glided his warm lips on my leg up to my thigh. My head was so relaxed on the pillow yet I couldn't stop looking up and moaning with the sensation of his touch like a lightning rubbing my body.

"Ez...ra..." Electricity travelled through my stomach down to my womanhood as his lips touches my clit. 

His fingers played with my folds. The way he was looking at my femininity turned me on even more. It was like he was admiring every piece of it like it was the best he had ever seen.


The tip of his tongue touched my clit as his fingers continued playing with my wet folds.

"Aaaahh..." I couldn't stop moaning. His tongue was taking my breath away. I tightened my grip on the bedsheet as he continued savouring my femininity.

His lick was slow and the passion with it felt so surreal. I was catching my breath as every touch of his tongue was stealing my chest, tingling every bit of my body.

He slowly circled his tongue around my clit until it moved down at the center of my folds. The tip of his tongue went in and out of my womanhood. My body was stretching and my legs felt like it was being electrified. I was kinda losing my leg but he parted it wider with his arms.

"Ah! Oh! Uuuuhmm..." I was out of breath yet I wanted more. Every move of his tongue was electrifying. It started moving faster, kissing and licking my clit, sipping part of my folds like it was the best he ever tasted.

"Ezra... hmm... Ah!" 

I was biting my lower lip but I couldn't stop moaning not when he was playing so damn good. He kept on licking and sucking my femininity.

My legs were hardly shaking like my strength was slowly going away for the third time I cum yet he still wasn't stopping.

"Ash! Ezra... hmm..."

He was licking me fast and had.


Sucking it like there was no tomorrow.

"Ezra! Ah..."

He didn't stop until I cum again and then he went on top of me. Our eyes met and he was looking at me full of desire while I was still catching my breath from what just happened. My legs felt numb but when I saw his big, hard manhood while he was on top, I gulped and I couldn't stop imagining how it felt so good inside me.

"What can you say about the breakfast? Is it good?"

I bit my lower lip, still caught on my breath. I glanced at his erected manhood; I gulped before meeting his alluring eyes again.

"Well... We're not done yet, aren't we?" 

He smirked with his amused golden eyes while my parted lips were still catching breath, trying to regain my energy. 

"We're just getting started." He kissed my leg before he positioned himself in between my thighs. 

It was like I stop breathing for a moment when he buried his manhood inside me. I gripped the bedsheet while he started moving slowly. 


"Fuck... Snow!" His moan turned me on harder. It sounded so good in the ears like he was really loving my taste.


He dropped his body on me while he was moving his beast inside my womanhood. He covered my moan with his lips, tasting every inch of my mouth. I was trying to fight his tongue while I couldn't stop moaning at the pleasure he was giving me.

He buried his manhood deep and hard inside me and the ecstasy was all over like I was on a cloud nine. I could even hear the sound of my wetness as his manhood moved up and down inside me. It gets rougher and rougher until we both cum.

He grabbed some tissue on the side table and wiped his semen on my belly before he dropped his body onto mine. We were both catching our breath as if we just finished a race. He buried his face in my neck and I could feel the warmth of his breath.

I couldn't matter a word. He sipped all of my energy out. My legs were still weak yet I felt like I was still in bliss, especially since his body was still laying on top of me like we were hugging each other, like he truly enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed being around him. 

He lifted his face to look at me. He stared into my eyes as he smiled. He kissed my lips before laying on the other side of the bed. He hugged me still. Our body was facing each other while we appreciate each other's existence. He brushed my hair with his fingers while melting me with his stares and smile.

"So, was our breakfast good?"

"Hmm..." I was still regaining myself and my strength.

His fingers continued brushing my hair while my arm was wrapped around his waist and my leg was wrapped around his leg

He didn't matter a word for a minute. He looked like he was thinking deeply while his eyes were fixed on mine.



How could I regain my strength when his eyes themselves were melting my defences? His golden eyes were like examining the whole feature of my face. The way he stare felt like he was hypnotizing me.

"You make me curious about you," he whispered while brushing my hair.

My chest tightened a bit. He wasn't destined to know me, the real me. 

"Do I?" I gulped.

He nodded. "Who are you talking to a while ago?" 

"What... do you mean?"

"I saw you, talking with someone earlier. You seem frustrated. Mind if I know who annoyed you, my lady?"

"It's... It's my mom." I gulped as I stared at the pillow. "You know, mother and daughter misunderstanding."

"I thought you were talking to your boyfriend." Ezra chuckled. "I could kill him for you."

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