Right after I had a quick rest, I headed my way downstairs to check what Solomon's up to. I gently comb my hair using my fingertips and walks straight toward the kitchen area. The smell of baked cookies greeted me and excitement began to embrace my senses.

"Scekinah, you're here. How's your sleep? I already contacted Anna and she told me she'll be here any moment." Solomon greeted my sight and as usual, I lead my way near the table and sat on my favorite stool.

"Uh, we will be visiting our neighbor later, I am allowed to do that right?" I was hoping for him to agree right away but I saw how he flashes off a disappointed face. He let out a sigh before talking, it's too obvious that he dislikes the idea.

"Whatever, do what you want but better not regret it later." He warned me, and I simply nodded and forced a smile.

He walks out of the kitchen and goes upstairs to get his phone, probably going to contact his best friend, Adam. I could barely breathe, so I also stood for a while to g
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