Kayden pulled me to his room and closed the door immediately before he backed me against the door, I gasped slightly when he pressed his body against mine.

“You don't expect me to kiss you with flour all r your face,” I joked while he smirked and moved a step back away from me.

His lips curled up into a kinky smirk.

“Then, let's clean up,” He muttered, his eyes raking me from head to toe.

“Okay,” I answered, biting my lower lips anxiously, how would it feel bathing with him under his shower?

Goodness! This is crazy, where was the once shy Jade?

Kayden played with the hem of his shirt, and before I knew it, he pulled it over his head and dropped his shirt on the floor.

I gasped staring at Kayden's chest, he wasn't the huge bulky muscular type, but he had muscles enough to make a girl go crazy.

My gaze traveled down to his abdomen and I hungrily take in his form.

“Like what you see?” Kayden's voice woke me from my trance, and I batted my eyelashes at him.

“Huh?” I responded and Kayden g
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Christy Linville Spradlin
when are you going to update
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Jan Butler
Really enjoyed this story and it really hits home with my high school time. Can’t wait to read more
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Marlenny Fernandez
I can’t stand this author. By the time we get updates and that’s is if we get them, we’ll have to start over and read to get the full idea of it
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