Icarus Falls

Icarus Falls

By:  Noa  Ongoing
Language: English
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      "Siblings?, Dad has another triplets, can you even hear yourself? "It's true, Grandma said dad once told her he had another set of triplets." " This is wholesome. Is this house some kind of a nursery or a youth center?" "Can you just calm down?" "You want me to calm down?. You really believe those shitheads.? You think they're the real deal?. Well, I don't." "You're being difficult." "You're being unreasonable. 파보 (fool) You're gonna regret this. I promise you "    

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10 Chapters
Chapter one: Isa
To everyone out there that were abandoned.Isa's Pov I never thought that I would return to Icarus Falls. I can't believe I once lived here. It brings back so many bad memories. Isa sniffled as she remembers the first day she arrived in Icarus Falls.Flashback Isa fell on her butt as Ryan North, father of the North triplets walked towards her. "Your dad borrowed money from me and since he's dead , I will take you as a compensation. You will live here and work every single day of your life till I get my money's worth." Isa cried as she remembers the day her dad came home beaming with smiles . He had borrowed money from Ryan North for his wife's heart transplant only for her to die three days after the surgery. Out of frustration, Isa's dad took his life.As if being an orphan wasn't bad enough, she had to work for this heartless man and his family to pay back the money her dad borrowed."Understood?" Ryan said, bringing her back to the present. "Yes sir", she replied trying to h
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Chapter two: Nolan
Japan Nolan's Pov It's been four years. Grandma shipped me off to Japan, dad killed mom , I have no idea what became of my brothers. Grandma said she fixed everything, she is the most kind hearted human I know. Her only sin is giving birth to dad. Now, she wants me to return to Icarus Falls. I'm pretty sure she's up to something. She didn't tell me what it is and I didn't ask. The one person I'm scared of seeing is Isa. Even though I miss her so much, she hates me. I don't think she'll want to see me. I broke her heart. I didn't want to, but I had no choice. I had to follow dad's command. I couldn't let anything happen to mom. Sometimes, I wonder how unfortunate she is to have fallen in love with a man like my father. Flashback "Mom!" Nolan called out to his mother as he couldn't see her because the room was pitch black. Ryan had been keeping her in an underground cellar for eight years. No one knew she was there, untill Nolan found her. "My baby", Sere
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Chapter three : Owen
Owen's Pov I wasn't a healthy child. I was born with chronic asthma which apparently no one in our family ever had. It started from me. When I was two years old, I developed meningitis and I spent two years in the hospital. The day I was to be discharged, dad sent my nanny to pick me up and on our way back home, we had an accident. It was a collision with an oncoming vehicle. I was back at the hospital again. I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, unfortunately my nanny didn't make it. She died on the spot. When I came to, I realised that the doctor's lips were moving. Like, he was talking to me but I couldn't hear a thing. I wanted to tell him that I couldn't hear what he was saying but when I opened my mouth to talk, nothing came out. The doctors were alarmed. They ran some tests and they discovered that my auditory nerve had been damaged. The impact of the crash led to a temporal bone fracture which resulted in permanent hearing loss in both ears. After seve
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Chapter four: Niall
Niall's Pov I'm Niall, Nolan and Norman's brother. There's not much to say about me. I spent most of my life in the hospital. I have osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It causes the tissues in the joints to break down all the time. I got it from my grandpa. My life sucks, I know. I can't walk long distance or hold objects for more than thirty seconds. Sometimes, I can't walk or even stand up. I was bed ridden for a long time. But now, things are looking up for me. I left the hospital few months ago. A woman came and she introduced herself as my grandma, dad's mom. I think I remember her but I'm not sure. Not everyone remembers people from when they were young. The hospital was my home.I don't know a lot of things. She told me that I had another brother. I thought Nolan was the only brother I had, but I was wrong. Apparently he also lived in the hospital. He is hearing impaired and also has chronic asthma. It sucks right?, I know. We all hav
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Chapter five: The reunion
Nolan's Pov I sighed as the gate was opened. I was back in Icarus Falls. My watch's incessant beeping took me out of my reverie. Haru knew that I was nervous and he held my hand and squeezed it . " Everything's gonna be fine. I'm not going anywhere, we'll do this together." Haru said and I sighed. The car was pulled to a stop and we came out. I saw my house and the memories crashed like a wave. I went in and Haru followed. I recognized Niall immediately. He was holding his crutches. I saw another guy with hair like blood. I would have said red but his hair reminds one of blood. He wore hearing aids. "He's cute." Haru whispered in my hear. "Gross" I replied. "You're Norman, right?" I asked the guy with the blood like hair. "I prefer Owen." He replied curtly."Geez" Haru said as he rolled his eyes. "I saw that." Owen said. "Is he your boyfriend?" Niall asked. "No", I replied. "He's my friend, Haru, Enami Haruto." I said." Haru, this is Niall." I said as I
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Chapter six : Will we ever get along?
Isa's Pov After Mrs North's demise and Mr North's disappearance, I started living in their house, all by myself. I didn't have anywhere else to go. I miss Nolan. He was the only friend I had. I started school but I didn't make any friends, I was scared they would leave eventually. I've been living with Niall for a few months, Owen joined last month. He can be a handful but he's really nice and attentive. He's really funny too. He reminds me of Nolan. They're so alike. Grandma said Nolan was coming back. She didn't tell us the day he was coming. I sighed as I walked into the lounge. I was about to climb the stairs when I suddenly had the urge to look back. I looked back slowly, and I saw him. The person I always wanted to see and also dreaded seeing. "Nolan" I said as my heart skipped a beat. "Aren't you surprised to see me?" He asked. "It's not like you're a celebrity or that she was awaiting your arrival." Owen said curtly. He took off his hearing aids, placed them in th
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Chapter seven: Isa has a friend?
"Hey, can we talk?" Nolan said to Isa. "Sure" she replied. "I just wanna apologize, I'm really sorry, for everything." Nolan added. "It's fine, you don't have to apologize." Isa said. "I think... Nolan said but was interrupted by Isa. "I said it's fine. You being back here doesn't change anything. I was a fool for thinking that you actually liked me." Isa said. "I know you never liked me. Alphonso told me and it's fine, really." She added. "What do you mean Alphonso told you?, and you believed him?" Nolan asked. "How dare he speak about my feelings?, do you know how much it hurt?, to lie to you. You have no idea how much my heart ached. All this years, I wanted to make everything right." Nolan said as tears ran down his face. "How exactly are you gonna do that?, she doesn't like you anymore?" Owen said. "Hey!" Niall said. "It's true, I think she likes the Japanese guy." Owen added. "Yeah, right. They just met yesterday." Niall said. "Sorry to burst your bubble Owen
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Chapter eight: The unexpected twist
"I'm bored." Isa said. "I'm bored too." Niall replied. ,"Well, aren't we all bored", Owen said with a hint of annoyance. "Do you think it's possible that Mr North has other kids?"Isa said. "What do you mean?" Niall asked. "I just think it's possible that's your dad has other kids , you know with another woman. Isa said. "That's disgusting. Why would you even imagine that?" Owen asked. "I don't know", She replied. "I know dad was a beast, but do you think it's possible?" Niall asked. "My God" Owen said angrily. " Can you guys just stop it?" "Wait", Isa said. " Are you uncomfortable.?" She asked. "Very", Owen replied. " Isa ignored him and continued. Haru came in and joined the discussion. "What's shaking guys?" He asked as he sat down beside Niall. "What's shaking?, Are we in the ninetys?" Owen said and scoffed. "If you're curious, Isa said. "Don't", Owen said. "We're thinking of the possibility that Ryan North has other kids aside the North brothers" Isa said. "I think i
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Chapter Nine: I don't wanna be a virgin anymore
FEW DAYS LATER , NOON Isa's Pov I thought Nolan would be bothered by the triplets' arrival but he didn't seem to care. I didn't care either, the more the merrier. I stood up and went to my room. I took out phone and dialed Maeve's number, immediately I heard her voice, I sighed. "So, how did it go with Nolan?" "What do you mean how did it go?, we didn't go anywhere", Isa replied sarcastically. She was wondering why Maeve wanted things to happen between her and Nolan. "That means you're not worried about losing your virginity. You'll eighteen in barely twelve months" "I know that", Isa said and sighed. She always wanted Nolan to be her first and now, he's back. "Are you scared?", Maeve asked and Isa huffed. "You think I'm scared of losing my virginity?, was that meant to be funny?", Isa asked and laughed a little. "Well then , if you're not scared why haven't you guys fucked yet?" "We aren't exactly on talking terms", Isa replied
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Chapter Ten: I want you
Isa woke up next to Nolan. Apparently, he had woken up before she did. " Hi", Isa said and Nolan greeted her back. " I'm sorry about yesterday, you probably didn't want to", Isa said as she sat up. She was naked but she didn't care. "You don't have to apologize. It's my job to make your wishes a reality even if we're no longer together." Isa smiled and stood up. "I should probably prepare for school." She said awkwardly as she put on her clothes and left the room. She bumped into Owen on her way to her room. She was nervous. "You finally chose the dick you want." Owen said and walked away. What a weirdo, Isa thought. "Hey", Owen said as he entered Haru's room. Haru sighed when he saw Owen. "Aren't you going to school?", Haru asked and Owen shrugged. " Why are you here again?", Haru asked and Owen sat. "You haven't accepted my apology" Owen said. "If you don't, I'll keep coming. Hurry up, I don't really like going
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