Chapter 7

Enzo's POV

She was my


The nasty

‘real daughter’ of Alpha Michael was nobody but she just scared the hell out of

my little innocent mate!

She was

glaring at my mate in a highly hostile manner, and I immediately realized her

hostility was because of me.

I blocked

Andrea from Michael's daughter's view, frowned at the latter, and asked,

"Is something wrong?"


daughter took her eyes off Andrea, then took a few steps towards us, "My

father is looking for you.


confirming that my mate was in this Pack, I had told Beta Kyle Larson to find

out my mate's relationship with this family.

Now that I

had the gist of the situation, I could return to the party without worry and

carry out my duties as the Cold Moon Pack's Alpha.

I nodded.

"Alright. I'll be right there."


daughter flashed me a familiar smile, of one on the face of every woman who

wanted to climb into my bed.

However, I

didn't like those kinds of smiles. Hated it, even.

It's just a

shame that Andrea hadn't ev
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Bella Jersey
Is this gonna bring the naughty out of Enzo again?
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Samo Moje
She. Is in trouble
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Like the story so far

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