Chapter 9

Andrea's POV

I was

shocked. What was he talking about?

He reached

out to touch my hair, I frowned and leaned back away from me. I

withdrew my hand hesitantly and instead said, "Can I stay with you? Do you

want me to stay with you?"

I can’t say

I don’t. I wanted him to stay.

"I can

turn into a wolf. I definitely won't do anything to you in that state.


wolf's name is Ethan. It's very docile.


that okay?"

I heard him

say. He was so patient, so comforting. I didn’t refuse.

He started

to undo his shirt and tie. I was astounded to see his sun-tanned bare chest and

perfect abs, didn’t know what to do.

My eyes

widen at him loosening his belt, held my knees tighter to my chest.


Alpha Michael undressing himself means he’s going to beat me with his belt.

That hurts.


wait! Because turning into a wolf will shred my clothes... I didn't mean to

start taking them off in front of you! I..."

His voice

reminded me that I was safe now. And I was a little embarrassed now looking at

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goodnovel comment avatar
He needs to take her with him now, he should know if he leaves her there they r going to torment the mess out her. Melissa turnt on her so quick when she saw how handsome the Alpha was smh
goodnovel comment avatar
hmm not sure about the wolf eating part a little weird but ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Josée Beaulé
yess I'm getting out

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