Chapter 48: Secret Kiss

The despise behind her tone is so obvious that I clench my fist immediately.

The look on mom’s face couldn’t be uglier. She glares at Caroline and grits out, “I have other plans for my daughter.”

“Everything else seems perfect, except for my room,” that vicious old crone smiles. “Shawn and I just finished a long discussion about our upcoming business plan. I’m quite exhausted. I’d really appreciate it if your daughter can help the cleaning lady get the room ready.”

She is so evil and manipulative! Just like her son in some ways.

I feel sad for my mom. I know she hates the woman, but she also can’t defy her because of her power and status. I have a gut feeling that Caroline will destroy anniversary party that mom has been planning for so long.

I take in a long breath and make up my mind. Mom has done everything she could to protect me, and now it’s my turn to do the same for her.

“Fine,” I say, looking at Caroline. “Where is your room? I’ll see what I can—”

Right at this moment,

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Collina Aru
the chapters are too short
goodnovel comment avatar
The fact that she was supposed to know what the Secret Garden was and didn't makes me wonder who actually caused the rift between them. Was it is Mom?

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