Chapter 4

I never thought that it would be this easy. With a sweat falling on my forehead,  I brushes my hair. There, I forgot how slimy my hand is as I accidentally touch the ground for who knows how many times it has been.

Day 1 Quest: A list of to do task that must be done before the day ends. Not finishing it would lead to a punishment. 

»Do 100 push ups (100/100)

«Do 100 sit ups (100/100)

[Wai: Day 1 Quest Completed. Here are your rewards]

[Would you like to open it?]

Just as I thought,  this body that I have is just the same with that body of mine when I was on my teens. Looking at my arms, it may not have that kind of muscle before but, strangely… my body changed. 

“I wonder why my body turned to this... Still, I would wish if I can get this sticky thing off my body. It really is irritating at some point”

I slightly chuckle for a bit.

It was a lucky occurrence for me to saw a part where the liquid slimy object wasn't reaching that platform. It was enough to give me time to dry it off a little. Instead of the slimy feeling, it soon changes to stickiness as it dried on my skin.

[You currently have a total of 70 harto. Each question would deduct five of it. Would you still want to ask that questions? Yes or No]

There are two notification bar that revealed itself in front of my eyes. No matter where I look at, it didn't change its position on my sight. 

Now that I remember, I also recieved a reward for doing my Daily Quest. If it was in the game, maybe it would be somewhat good. After all, the beginners rewards are somehow bountiful.  

He he

Base on my knowledge in the game of IKINOBIRU, their currency is called as Harto. This personal assistant was picked out of lucky draw. And in my case it was Wai who presented himself. But… I didn't draw any  rolls or what… now I wonder. 

Well setting that aside, this whole world turned into destruction.  Just like the game's name says, 'To Survive“ or  “To Live Long”

It was like any ordinary game that you need to fulfill task and gain rewards which you can use to improve your character. Do the game quests and proceed to the story line… But…

Am I really part of that game now?

Shaking my head, I have no time to stand idly. I must first get out of this creature at some point. 

Maybe I should first collect the reward that they gave. Who knows, maybe it would be useful for me at some point.

“I want to open it first”

Clicking the button that says that I agree in opening the reward, I was a bit surprised to saw how Wai throw confetti that soon dissolved in the air.

[Wai: Congratulations.  I greet you for completing your first daily Quest. Here is your reward]

Looking forward for the rewards that I would have after that push ups and sit ups, I then saw how 3 boxes appeared in front of my sight.  The hologram of it soon revealed what was inside consecutively. 

[100 harto]  [1 lucky draw] [Level 2 Advancement]

As soon as the third reward shows, the screen soon let out a various notification. Indeed, just like the game… 

The rewards are the same

Looking at the notifications… I wonder if what I am thinking would be effective.

[Personal Data Information Unlocked]

[You now advanced in Level 2]

[New World Quest Arrive]

[Bonus quest time limit was deducted to an hour]

[Wai advanced in level 2]

[New talent unlocked]

[New skill unlocked]

[Store are now opened]

[Storage capacity upgraded]

Closing my eyes, the sound of the notifications was ringin on my ear

 It was giving me a head ache!

[Personal Information]

[Processing data…]

[Data Completed]


Name: Ethan Shujinko

Level: 2

Title: None

Achievements: None

Connection: None

Hp level: 578/1000

Talents: None

Skills: None

As so, a personal information such as my name and level was presented right in front of my eyes.

“This is why I hate restarting game…”

Smiling so bitterly,  I can't help but imagine my hard work from playing this game for years fly and pop like a bubble in the air. 

“Now I am back to scratches”

Looking at the cross mark, I click it and it soon get back from being a small round icon. The fact that this kind of thing happened is already frustrating.  Everything seems so unbelievable. 

“Even this reason why I turned like this was unknown.  How did this even happen? In just a blink of an eyes things changed. Hah, is it some buff that would disappear once the time alloted go to zero?”

[You currently have a total of 170 harto. Each question would deduct five of it. Would you still want to ask that two questions? Yes or No]

It seems like I still have plenty of harto. Using another five would be useful for me since I also want to know the reason why but… remembering some small detail on that game… I do have a clue about what really happened. 

The reason why I became like this was due to that slimy thing. It is the effect of the great whale piranha fluid who makes fats in my body as well as the toxins and dirts be dissolved.  

Great Whale Pirahna…

If I remember it correctly, if my memory serves me right…  once it feel bloated, it will soon throw up all of what he ate. But… judging by the insides of its stomach… it would take time before it happens.


A shiver run up my spines.  I really can't believe that I am inside that creature…

Chuckle escape on my mouth. I wonder if I can still keep my rationale after all this things. Maybe I do look like an idiot.

“Maybe I shall first look around”

Looking at Wai who was floating in the air…  I was about to speak when the whole place started to move, almost making me lose my balance.


I can feel how it moves. It seems like, the whole place is experiencing an earthquake of sort. Still, it isn't a good thing to keep myself inside it's stomach.

Once the feel tired of not finding any food to eat… there is only one thing they they wiuld do.

 Now that it moves, I am certain by the fact that it will go in the depth of the water. I can't let that happen!!

“Wai! Open the store! I want to buy the poison king's dagger!“

[You are going to purchase the poison king's dagger. It cost 150 harto. Would you like to buy it?]

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