Chapter Six: Sinful Drink

Iris POV.

I swear to the goddess that I didn't mean to overhear Cady and Sadie's chat, definitely not.

After leaving the company, Sadie drove us to her studio which is not a big one but close to the venue of the party tonight. The studio is full of mobile hangers and mannequins, I have to say, Sadie is a gifted designer, she is a combination of elegance and wildness, and so do her designs.

Ben told her that I'm his cousin according to Sadie. Of course, Ben is a good man who knows what should say and what shouldn't.

"Iris, come." Sadie held my arms and scanned me up and down "Hmm, there are a few dresses that should suit you."

She quickly brought three dresses and took me to a fitting area deep in the studio, where I changed clothes and they sat and chatted on a small sofa not far away from the fitting room.

Apparently, Cady didn't recognize I'm Easton's sister, strictly speaking, she had never met me personally before.

How long she and Easton had been in a relationship? Six or seven months. Yes, not a long time but for me, it was like those painful days won't end.

So Cady and Sadie didn't shy away from me when they talking about Easton. They seem to be close, enough to chat about Cady and Easton's sexual experiences.

"You shocked me. We are talking about Easton right?" Sadie raising her tone shows how surprised she is about Cady's Words.

"Yep"Cady smiles satisfyingly "No skills, no foreplay for the first time, only lasted long."

"Haha, the cherry fell in your hands."

They both giggle then stop when see me come out in one Olive dress.

Sadie shakes her head at me "Nah, not that good."

Fine, I back to the fitting room.

"Why were you broken up?" Sadie asks "I think he is still fond of you, you know, you are the only girlfriend he had, Ben said so."

"Really, interesting." Sadie sneers" He was the one who said we should break up for no reason. Then I went to start my master degree aboard."

"That's weird..." Sadie murmurs "You don't know how many girls he has rejected during these years. Models, hostesses, and even the heiress of KTA Group, even gossip that he is gay. If he is not doing this for you I don't know who can take him away from all female creatures."

Cady takes a moment to speak but doesn't answer Sadie's question directly. "I found he is not the same teenager when we were together, he is a man now, a charming one. Perhaps I should give him another chance..." I feel a trace of longing in her voice.

Is Easton really obsessed with Cady so much? I feel a sharp pain in my heart, like a wasp sting.

I casually put on another dress and slouch out of the fitting room but to be greeted by Sadie "That's it! My gosh! This dress was born for you."

Then I look in the mirror. It's a deep purple dress that reached the floor, this colour will be more glamorous in the evening light. A diamond sash from the front to the bareback seduced the imagination, while the waist was drawn in, making me slim and mysterious.

Sadie has no patience to chat with Cady anymore, starts to curl my hair and find me jewellery and shoes.

Cady picks out a red dress which curves her body perfectly, her boobs like will pop out at any time. No man could resist this obviously.

There was a traffic jam so we arrived a little bit late, Easton is ready for his speech, Ben stands behind with a look of relief on his face.

I stare at Easton, this is the first time I've seen that he is so serious, Cady is right, he is a man now, not that warm and gentle brother I had for that 14 years...

Sadie bring Cady and me to find Ben after the speech, and Easton is with Ben.

"Good to see you again Cady." Easton smiles at Cady, how many years have I didn't see his smiles? His voice is so tender, but makes me frozen, he frowns at me. "What are you doing here? This is not an event for an intern." 

"Ben invited his cousin here, she is not your employee tonight." Sadie says to Easton and winks at me.

I give a thankful smile to Sadie. Cady puts her unreadable eyesight on me, I pretend not to notice it.

"Cousin? I didn't know that." Easton takes look at Ben" We need to talk."

Easton turns around before Ben's response. Ben shrugs with an inoccent face and then walks in Easton's direction.

"Oh, Cady, that's Rose, let's go to say hi." Sadie asks Cady and Cady nods" Would you like to join us, Iris?"

"Thanks, I think I'll have some food first, I'll catch you later."

It's an exhausting day, I do feel hungry, and my stomach is near to screaming. I glance at the venue and find the food bar.

The cold buffet is abundant on the table, I select a chocolate dessert to comfort my stomach first.

"Champagne, Mrs?" A waiter passes by.

"No, thanks. Are there any soft drinks here?" Is not a good place for me to touch even a drop of alcohol

"You could find a sign with alcohol-free at the corner of that table." The waiter points the way for me.

I nod and walk to the corner to pick one glass of orange juice but it tastes a little weird.

Easton is talking with several people on the other side with Ben, seems like they two are finished with the "cousin" issue. Sadie and Cady are still with Rose, more are joining them.

This is a good time for me to slide away.

"Hi, I'm Nantan from Star Gallery." a man breaks my plan "Do I have the honour to know you, my lady?"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Iris, and sorry Nathan, I have an emergency to deal with and need to leave now."

"Oh I'm sorry to bother you, but this is my card. " Nathan gives me his card, smiles and leave.

I intend to put down the glass, then another ‘Nathan' come and chat, and another one, and another one...

What's happened to these male creatures. My gosh...

I feel impatience, my rage is rising, and somehow I feel a little dizzy.

When I sense another man approaching me from behind, I turn back and speak unpleasantly. "I'm sorry, I'm only nobody, I need to go now."

"You shouldn't be here from the beginning." The man for this time is far more annoyed than the former nine. "I know you are stupid, but don't know you are such stupid that can't figure out where you can go and where you can't."

"You are not the one who invited me so you have no right to judge me." What's happened to the air conditioner, it's so hot here.

"This is the last time I warn you or you back to your home, you choose." His voice is shaking, is it? So blurry. "Do you hear me?" 

"Shhh.. you are so annoying..."

"Sorry to disturb Mrs and Mr We placed the wrong sign here, this is not an alcohol-free zone." It’s the waiter who showed me my way.

But what did he just say? It's not alcohol-free?

I'm not good at drinking one glass is enough to make me drunk. When I get drunk, I'll become extreme.... horny.

"Fuck." I heard clearly the F-word comes from Easton. He is looking at the empty glass I hold.

Fuck! I repeat in my mind before I finally lost it.

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