Our joined hips quickly ripped apart and our mixed fluids seeped out of her walls, trailing down the sides of Selena’s thighs who made her buttocks face me as she reached for some wipes resting close to the arranged weapons.

Hands still feeling uncomfortable, my head tilted slightly, I followed her movements the instant she began to furiously wipe off the smears on her skin, her head bobbing quite violently.

It seemed my sudden response irritated her greatly.

“Are you freaking out of your mind?” Selena finally spoke, glaring at me after she had reached for her earlier discarded shirt. “What nonsense are you spewing, Damon?”

“I am not speaking nonsense. I am speaking the truth.” Her agitated state was more amusing than annoying. “It is just how I feel.”

“So, what?” Her hands angrily abandoned her attempts to button up her shirt, her action causing her breasts to be exposed once more. Soon, Selena began to walk toward me, my body still reeking of the aftermath of sex. “Are you tr
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