Not love

At this moment, Chris turned his back to Brawen, he leaned down slightly, implying that if Brawen doesn't understand, he should go back to his hometown to hoe. This action of Chris made Brawen almost drop his eyes:

Are you trying to buy me a day of freedom? If that's the case, I'd rather go barefoot, and just now your mother told me to watch you tighter.

Gio blew gently, a few snowflakes landed on Chris' silver hair as if merging, blue eyes turned to Brawen, a little gentle but still cold:

Keep it like this.

Why is Chris so suddenly good? Give her a small shawl and now ask to carry her again. Ể and he's still wearing a scarf, a guy who doesn't care about royal ceremonial attire, even school uniform, is Brawen who begs his tongue to wear a scarf like him.

Surely it's not that it's too cold to hibernate, my highness prince.

Thinking like that, Brawen still smiled and climbed on Chris's back, not forgetting to include the excuse: "You are the master, I am the servant, you give orders, I
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