One-hundred and five: A Better Opportunity

It’s been almost a week since Amelia’s disappearance and Ryan was gradually losing his mind. His parents and close relatives were greatly baffled. All attempts to find her had been in vain. They’d even threatened Selena, hoping she knew of her whereabouts but after a few days, they realized she didn’t know where Amelia had gone. While everyone was troubled by the sudden disappearance of Amelia and her child, Benjamin, and Adeline were secretly happy that things were going in their favor.

Benjamin and Lara especially, had seen Selena’s disruption of the wedding as the perfect plan to have gotten Amelia into their waiting claws but as no one had expected the sudden turn of events, they’d missed that chance and they were greatly annoyed by it. Adeline, on the other hand, saw Amelia’s absence as the perfect time to finally draw the family’s attention to the reality that Ryan had failed them twice.

He was expected to be married at thirty in order for him to get the family’s inheritance and
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